What do you do when your savings and handouts run out? WE NEED A PLAN B NOW



We cannot ‘stay home’ forever, we have to have a plan B for when the people realise that this is NOT a solution.

And no, burying your head in the sand or parroting other people’s failed policy or jus­tification is not the solution either.
There IS a solution that can work, that requires responsible behaviour on the part of ALL of us, and is built around isolating those most at risk to develop­ing serious complications from the rest of society for the dura­tion, while the rest of us go back to work and rebuild the economy so that there is a way forward af­ter Covid 19, to pay the bills for whatever is next.
And no, ignoring reality or the fact that the future WILL have a cost attached is NOT an option. Stop for a minute and think it through personally.
What will YOU do when your savings run completely out. What?
When you have no food, the rent is overdue, and your bank balance is three dollars. When you have exhausted every avenue of loan, borrow, credit, when you’ve sold everything that can be sold and there is STILL life and bills to pay, what’s your next step?
Plan as if you were there al­ready, and no, we cannot wait for un­til we’re there ‘and see.’
There is a mass of people in this country not covered by dwin­dling handouts. What happens to them?
This policy of instant social take-over might work in countries that have savings and sensible governments. We have neither.
Our lack of adult behaviour to plan for the future is why this country that should have a trillion US as its Heritage and Stabilisa­tion Fund has nothing.
Thinking we will ‘cross that bridge when we get there’ has left us making stupid decisions in haste for fifty-seven years.
It’s time to grow up. Everybody staying home is not a sustainable plan.
We need a better one.