Within recent times, I have found myself asking friends and colleagues whether they want me to respond to their questions from a political viewpoint or an analytical perspective. At one point I was forced to explain to one of my colleagues that the analytical perspective informs the politics and not the other way around. Political philosophy and theory guide the practice of politics which is what most of society is involved in whether directly or indirectly.

Unfortunately, not many take the time to read political theory and philosophy; in fact, I can assure you that most of the persons in active politics have barely completed one text on the topics and the majority of “senior politicians” have based their attitudes to experience. But like every other job on the market, one cannot simply be hired based on experience but must have some level of education and learning. Regrettably, some believe that politics is legal-based because of the legislative aspect of Governance.

One leap forward and five backward

Few of our current complement of politicians can say without a doubt that they have read some level of political philosophy and theory. Many have chosen to upgrade their credentials with a management degree but how many have applied it to the practice of politics. And I know for sure that at least one politician has used a marketing degree to his/her benefit with a strategy of being a history maker and undefeated candidate.
If the politicians who are seeking to capture the votes of the undecided, swing, middle class professional and most importantly in the current scheme of things, the inexperienced youth voter, then which political party and political leader has made a conscious and aggressive effort to implement strategies that will first capture the attention of these groups of persons and further win their votes?
It seems that no matter how much hope is expressed that there will be changes in the strategies and linkages so to cleanse the stigmas that exist across the political divide; leaders are viewed as making one leap forward and five backward. The leading political parties seem prepared to “duke” it out for the bare bases without any regard for the swing and undecided voters and professionals.

Stragglers who have nothing to offer the UNC

On the other hand, the minor political parties are too weak to find traction, many of them opting out of testing the waters in the upcoming Local Government elections. Other minor parties are working in key areas to capture if not a corporation, then to make inroads and win at least one seat. Is this progressive? Or is this a clear indication that our politics is deeply divided and is at an all-time low to what we are accustomed?
I have taken note of the comments arising from the main influencers on social media, many of whom have a large following and who have taken action upon themselves to call both the government and opposition into account where they have dropped the ball. We have citizens becoming more involved in calling for effective Governance through the Freedom of Information Act, raising awareness against the Sedition Act and going as far as using Judicial Review and Injunctions to ensure that we don’t have our birthright stolen by persons who remain blood-sucking, self-seeking leaches.
Has anyone asked the question as to which insurance company is underwriting all of Government’s large transactions? Has anyone asked whether we the people will have the right or the opportunity to save institutions that are simply viewed as burdensome to an incompetent Government with no clue as to how to reform, restructure or reinvent a sector?
Yet, from my perspective, we continue to have leaders who take for granted the expectation on them to do better; we continue to see more of the old emerging, more of the political rejects and more of those who will quickly drive away voters than encourage to give a party a second chance.
The UNC has so many brilliant and outstanding young people working tirelessly for the party to win in 2020 but are they getting the recognition they deserve? Because as far as I see it and analyse it, it will be a young person who will be most willing to put themselves in a marginal seat to do more than lip service but rather loyal and patriotic service to ensure that UNC wins Government.
Instead, I see stragglers who have suddenly returned as “Chhota Bhaiyas” but who have nothing to offer the UNC but instead, turn off voters who continue to sing negative songs rather than lend a positive word to the benefit of the party.
There is too much to lose, too many who have sacrificed their time, energy and service to have carrots dangling on sticks before them, resulting in a loss for the party….it is a worrying and chilling possibility if we don’t remain grounded and check ourselves.