The Editor,
Sunshine Today

Dear Sir,
The Local Government Elec­tions (LGE) have come and gone. In the light of the results and the analysis the country looks for­ward to the General Elections next. This LGE has three results. Each party claims victory while the media say that it is a tie. Most say it is a tie but realistically the UNC has gained. The party now controls seven Corporations in­stead of the six it held in the past. However, generally, as a patriot and in particular a San Fernandi­an I focused my attention to San Fernando because I want the best for my city.
On the last occasion the PNM won all the seats in the San Fer­nando Borough. On this occa­sion the PNM won 6 seats and the UNC 3 (and narrowly lost a 4th by 86 votes). The UNC claims and boasts of great success with its victory in so-called PNM territory. At the meeting at the panyard at Coffee Street the speakers, Faris al Wari, Camille Robinson-Regis and ex mayor Junia Regrello said that they would have won all the seats .The results reflect that that was not to be. However, even in seri­ous matters there must be some­one to demonstrate the propen­sity of a joker and clown. And that someone is no less a person than ex-mayor Junia Regrello whom I hope the PNM keeps as ex-mayor for the rest of his natural life.
The ex-mayor and self-pro­claimed “first citizen “of San Fernando gave his reasons why the PNM lost 3 seats in San Fer­nando. His reasons are not worth mentioning because in the opin­ion of many his reasons are ludi­crous. The main reason why many persons voted against the PNM in San Fernando is because of their dislike for Mr Regrello who in their view is the worst mayor we have had in years. Many said they went to vote last Monday not for the UNC but against Regrello because, if the PNM had won all the seats, they, the citizens of San Fernando, would be burdened with Regrello for another 3 years. Others who are members of the UNC hoped that he would be Mayor once more thereby giving advantage to the UNC to capture the San Fernando West seat in the upcoming General Election. The many faux pas and insulting re­marks he made at the speech days and prize giving of Naparima and Presentation Colleges and the re­cent insults at the opening of Vic labs and referring to his own son as lazy were among many inci­dents that added to public dislike for him. Several wonder why he was not “pulled over the coals” for declaring that his sons never worked at City Hall yet the Guard­ian newspaper produced copies of cheques on the Council’s Re­public bank account made out to his sons. When questioned he said “allyu did not ask me that.” Was he telling the truth when he said his sons never worked for the Council because one son “never worked a day in his life, he is lazy “. The son rightly responded in the said daily newspaper. Enough said about him.
If PNM wants to retain power, I said it before and I say it again, The PM should read and implement the advice of Austin Jack Warner in his weekly column rather than berating the gentleman for proffer­ing good advice. He should get rid of some of the “millstones “in the party. One PNMite said send them to climb Mount Everest with Re­grello or post them to Timbuktu or Kathmandu.
Many of us are patriots. We want the best for our country.Mrs Kamla Persad Bissessar or Dr Keith Christopher Rowley, who do you prefer??? Mrs Persad Bis­sessar and her cabal or mafioso or Dr Rowley with a few vacuous minded idiots who are noisy but harmless?? Who?? If not any of them, then WHO can we put??? The problems the population en­visages are many: the crime rate, unemployment, health, public utilities, Petrotrin, the potential collapse of the fishing industry, agriculture, porous borders and corruption.
Climate change, rising sea levels, protection of the environ­ment are matters that must be on the front burner of any govern­ment. The relevant minsters and government bodies seem to be silent on these issues. Is Trini­dad and Tobago represented at the Climate Change conference in Madrid? Will the Caribbean present its views with one voice or will it be each country on its own? Where are our experts? Why are they silent or have they been silenced?
The way things are today and how they seem to be going to­morrow are serious causes for concern. In the words of the Mighty Stalin, another patriot from San Fernando, “we just can’t go on this way”.

The Patriot