Massive lies a massive cover-up and infringement of the Rio Treaty


Trinidad and Tobago is a country in peril and it is only Divine interven­tion, hopefully, with the an­nouncement of a date for the next General Election, that could save us.

Dr Keith Rowley and his Cabi­net have pushed us through the gate of destruction and rather than showing remorse for their decep­tion, they behave as though they will wake up tomorrow morning and it will be business as usual between Trinidad and Tobago and the United States of America.
They even believe that in this nine-day wonder country, we will forget their lies and everything will be honky-dory. That today they are lord and master of all they survey and their right is none to dispute! No!
They are wrong on all counts because neither the people, the Opposition nor this newspaper will give them any respite until they all demit office………never to return!
Citizens, wake up! We know we are in trouble when the Gov­ernment goes to extreme lengths to lie to a nation. Such betrayal runs deep. Dr Rowley and his administration have betrayed our trust and we have reached the point where we can no longer believe what any member of this administration has told us.
Under the Westminster model, both Dr Rowley and the “Hon­ourable” Stuart Young should have resigned, but they lack in­tegrity; they have no character. They prefer that the USA bring sanctions against us than grace­fully bow out of politics to save this country. These are the same people who will be coming to beg for our vote later this year.

The Westminster model of government

The British Westminster model of government that we follow is replete with examples of Prime Ministers and Ministers of Gov­ernment who have gracefully resigned, either on principle or because they were found guilty of lying to the country. On June 7th this year, British PM Theresa May resigned, on principle, over Brexit.
The sky did not fall. On July 26, 2016, May’s predecessor, Dave Cameron, also resigned for the same reason. On 14th Octo­ber 2011, long before Cameron resigned, his Defence Secretary, Liam Fox did the honourable thing and resigned from the Cam­eron administration saying, “I allowed the distinction between my interest and my government activities to become blurred.” Do you hear that Stuart Young?
As far back as 1963, British Secretary for War, John Profu­mo, resigned over a sex scandal after lying to the British Parlia­ment and the British people about his sexual affairs with Christine Keeler, an alleged prostitute. In England “Honourable “ means something. However, because of greed and lust for power, it means nothing here in Trinidad & To­bago where politicians believe that day after day, they can lie to the nation without a modicum of remorse.

Minister of National Security STUART YOUNG

If Stuart Young knew that he had instructed his Ag Permanent Secretary to inform the Chief Im­migration Officer that he lifted current travel restrictions for a Venezuelan Delegation to arrive and depart Trinidad and Tobago on Friday, March 27, 2020, why would he then lie and say that he did not know the names of all the persons who were a part of that delegation? Nor the type of air­craft?
Why would he mislead the country into believing that it was only Delcy Rodriguez and As­drubal Chavez who was part of the delegation? If Stuart Young knew the schedule of the flight, the time it was leaving Venezu­ela’s Simon Bolivar airport and the time it was due to depart from Piarco; and if he knew the type of aircraft and its registration num­ber, why did he allow his Prime Minister, at a media briefing af­ter Parliament on Friday, May 8, 2020, to cast blame the Civil Aviation Department for allow­ing an aircraft apparently under sanctions by the United States of America to land at Piarco Inter­national Airport?
Since the letter from the Ag. Permanent Secretary, Gary Jo­seph to the Chief Immigration Officer, Charmaine Gandhi-An­drews has been made public, are we to believe that neither Stuart Young nor Keith Rowley was un­aware that this aircraft was under sanction?
Massive cover-up
Which is worse, the perpetual lies by this Rowley administra­tion, which have all the appear­ances of a massive cover-up of some sinister act, or what seems to be the impending threat of sanctions that will be imposed by the United States of America? I hope that sanctions are not im­posed on the people of Trinidad & Tobago, but instead, on the perpetrators of this imbroglio.
Regardless of what the Gov­ernment is saying, there seems to be a relationship between the 150,000 barrels of gas that was sold to Aruba and the visit of Delcy Rodriguez to this country when we were on lockdown. We are not buying the falsehood that the visit had anything to do with Covid-19.

Minister of Foreign Affairs DENNIS MOSES

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dennis Moses, an embarrassment to the country

We should not believe the An­ansi story being told to us. We cannot believe that Dr Rowley and Stuart Young did not know of the meeting’s agenda, for it is based on the agenda that the Prime Minister will determine who should be in attendance.
If we wish to give Dr Row­ley the benefit of the doubt and say that he was unaware of the agenda before the meeting, let us review the daily media briefings on Covid-19 whenever he is pres­ent. During these briefings, when it comes to technical matters, Dr Rowley always gives way to the Chief Medical Officer. It, there­fore, stands to reason that if the meeting with the Venezuelan del­egation was on Covid-19, why did Dr Rowley not summon the CMO, Dr Roshan Parasram, to attend?
What is even more curious is the contract for the 150,000 bar­rels of gas for Aruba. It would be interesting to read the other contracts on the sale of gas from Paria to see whether or not the disclaimer clause protecting the nation from third party selling is included in all contracts.
It is unbelievable that not one member of Cabinet objected to the arrival of Delcy Rodriguez to our shores. It cannot be that each person is so complicit that none possesses the moral turpitude to stand in defence of this coun­try? Dennis Moses, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, is an embar­rassment. This fiasco is almost expected under his tenure, for by his actions (or non-actions) he has convinced us all that he is by far the worst Foreign Affairs Minister this country has ever had.
Dennis Moses is the person who should have advised the Prime Minister on the conse­quences of infringing the Rio Treaty. It is Moses who should have reminded the Prime Min­ister that Delcy Rodriguez was sanctioned by the USA. Moses should have warned the Prime Minister of consequences of ap­proving the landing of a sanc­tioned aircraft to our shores. Having done his duty, if the Prime Minister persisted, then he ought to have resigned, that is what men worth their mettle do.
In this issue, there are too many unanswered questions. This may be even worse than the “Section 37” fiasco. This has the power to plunge our nation into abject pov­erty. This can affect our ability to trade even with countries in the Caribbean. This flagrant abuse of office by Rowley, Young, Moses, and Franklin Khan can impact on tourism and the free movement of our citizens who wish to study abroad.
Before 2015 Stuart Young was a virtual unknown
This is the most selfish act perpetrated by a Government against its people and the ques­tion is why, Dr Rowley, why?
There is no doubt that this Rowley administration is mytho­maniacal; comprising of men and women who possess an abnormal tendency to exaggerate or tell lies. Do not believe a word Stuart Young says about normal rela­tions between T&T and the USA. Coming from Stuart Young that is just another lie.

Do not believe the Opposi­tion Leader is an enemy of the State. It is the Prime Minister who breached the treaty. It is the Prime Minister who:

  • opened our borders to allow a sanctioned plane to land
  • allowed a sanctioned delega­tion from Venezuela to enter our borders
  • held discussions with a sanc­tioned group of people who have been accused of human rights violations and drug trafficking among many other wrongs not only by the USA but also the Eu­ropean Union, Canada, Mexico, their neighbour Colombia and as far afield as the United Kingdom.
    In this administration, Stuart Young is the ground zero for the contagion of official mendacity and has put us all at peril. His false, weaponized, and dysfunctional in­formation has wreaked more hav­oc upon us and is a greater threat than the coronavirus.
    Before 2015 this “Gary So­bers” of Rowley’s politics was a virtual unknown. No one knew him even as a half good lawyer.
    With rampant corruption which is worse, yet more subtle than the previous government; nepotism, and cronyism at its worst; an economy in tatters; a lack of fi­nancial probity; runaway crime; and now a government that de­liberately lies, we are living in Hell. This PNM administration has become a liability to our country. Before it is too late, we need to signal to the rest of the world that we are not in support of their actions.