The Editor
Dear Sir,

I have expressed the view that we are in need of good gover­nance in our country. Bearing this in mind, we need effective leadership, a leader who puts God and country first – a leader who is willing to listen to the voice of the people, with no “hang-up’s”. One who is fair to all and who adheres to the words of our National anthem that” every creed and race find an equal place.”
I make bold to suggest that the Hon Prime Minister should be objective and should read the articles by Austin Jack Warner in the Sunshine Today for the past weeks under the banner “My Ad­vice to the Prime Minister” and prior to those “If I were Prime Minister”.
It is not only my view but that of many right-thinking citizens and true patriots that despite the ver­bal attacks and unjustified com­ments, half-truths and innuendos against this one man, he continues to write and suggest methods for our good. It is said, “when good men are silent evil prevails”.
Some say, rightly, that what we need is prayer, we need to pray. However, I recall the words of my late grandmother echoed by many, that God helps those who help themselves. There are many who opine that Jack Warner is telling and suggesting what we should do. But there are others who are too steeped in arrogance and tribalism in politics and con­sider constructive criticism to be an attack on them and their
We have to listen to those who consider our well-being. We have to support the few, like Austin Jack Warner and the Sunshine To­day journalists who are not afraid to say it as it is and provide the truth.
Let us not be a part of the “too late too late shall be the cry.”
There are many true patri­ots who have the country at heart. I trust I am one of them and also Austin Jack Warner and the Sunshine Today writers

The Patriot