Three weeks ago, on Tues­day, May 5th to be ex­act, WASA threw the” Mother of all Parties” at their waterworks location in Carlsen Field. It was described as a Co­vid1-19 Party with several Venes in attendance. The secret party began at 10 am and ended in the wee hours of the morning the next day. The organisers of the party were all WASA’s opera­tors – DR, RM, VN and AA.

This party was organized con­trary to WASA’s regulations where visitors were stopped from enter­ing the premises at Carlsen Field due to the coronavirus. Our sourc­es have advised that the party was so loud that the next-door neigh­bours complained to the Security on the Carlsen Field compound about the noise and the Security then reported the matter to the WASA police.
An investigation was launched into the matter by the WASA po­lice one week later.
Our information is that the in­vestigation has been completed more than two weeks ago but ev­erything is being kept hush hush so that no disciplinary action can be taken against the WASA opera­tors.
It is not the first time that in­cidents at WASA have been kept hush hush. One year ago, one of the same operators, DR, was in­volved in an accident while driv­ing a WASA vehicle. The vehicle was a total wreck, fortunately, no one was injured. This matter too was swept under the carpet in an­other hush hush fashion that is typ­ical of WASA giving credence to the belief that “WASA takes care of its own”. The administration has been accused of being very se­lective with regard to investigating matters and this has resulted in low morale among WASA work­ers especially the WASA police.

The WASA party is an insult and an affront to the government

At a time when the country is under lockdown from the virus; when police officers are arresting persons for breaching the Public Health Regulations, when beach­goers are denied access to the na­tion’s beaches and when school children who have been cramped in their homes for these past three months, WASA employees can brazenly throw a party on WASA’s compound and call it WASA Co­vid Party.
This party is an insult and an affront to the Covid efforts of the government and especially the Ministry of Health.
Last Saturday the Prime Min­ister announced Phase 3 of T&T’ Re-opening and, even then, no ap­proval was given for visitors to en­ter the Carlsen Field waterworks.
Three calls were made to WA­SA’s Communication Manager Daniel Plenty and he responded on the third call saying that he does not know anything about any party.
He cannot comment on what he does not know and that he needs more time to make further enqui­ries.
He requested pictures from this newspaper to assist him but none will be given in order to protect our source who is a high ranking official at WASA.