Dear Sir,

I wish to commend your news­paper for its lead article last week titled “Rebellion in the UNC” as well as for the follow-up article on Page 3 written by your Peter Green. It is so very true.
I live at Lange Park in Cha­guanas and you missed out on one point. Ask the UNC and mo­reso Mayor Gopaul Boodhan how come his niece, Debbie Gopaul, has replaced the hard working Councillor from my district Andell Paramsook. This is UNC nepotism at its worst. And while you are at it ask Barry Shiva Padarath who seems to be Ms Persad-Bissessar’s right hand man how many persons in the Princes Town area he has promised that he will make Al­dermen and what are the criteria for their acceptance. Who is their husband? I feel sickened when I think of what the UNC has be­come today as against what it used to be under men like Basdeo Pa­day, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, Trevor Sudama, Kelvin Ramnath and even your own Jack Warner.
Last Sunday the UNC could not even get 5000 people to fill up the Couva South constituency car park while the PNM had over 15,000 persons bursting at the seams at the Queen’s Park Savannah. The UNC speakers at the platform are the worst I have ever heard and, in particular Saddam Hosein, who I hear is tipped to be the UNC can­didate for Barataria/San Juan. I re­ally wish he goes up there and get the licking of his life. He might be a Saddam but he is no Fuad.
I am not a PNM and my dis­gust with the present UNC has left me no choice but to sit out this election with the hope that following the predictable results hope will triumph over my pres­ent political despair.

A Fed-Up UNC