T&TFA Facing Financial Collapse under John-Williams


………………over $67m in debt and it’s rising every day

By: Neville Ferguson Former General Secretary EFA & Former FIFA Match Commissioner

It has to be the hurt of the century that the T&TFFA in its 121-year-old history is now in its worst position ever under its President David John-Williams who, in the last four years has run the Association into the ground; into the dark ages of football from which it cannot recover, at least in the short term. With over a $67m debt over his and the Association’s head which debt is rising through the courts every week, John-Williams is seeking to be re-elected as Football President for a second term when the Association’s delegates meet at 10 am this Sunday at HIS Football House.

TTFA president John Williams

No doubt he believes that HIS dream house will so wow the delegates and will be a panacea for all the ills affecting football so that his re-election shall be assured. Were this to happen the T&T Football Association will not only be the laughing stock of the football world but it shall be the football Venezuela in the global village. Ironically enough, on the same day that John-Williams was opening his Football House the T&TFA was relegated to the B League in Football in CONCACAF and not even Infantino, the President of FIFA, Montagliani the President of CONCACAF and Rowley, the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago could have prevented this phenomenal collapse of  a country’ whose football at one time positioned them as high as # 46 in the world. Today Trinidad is ranked at # 101 in the FIFA Rankings having lost the last 23 International matches many of which were teams that the Green Machine, in their heyday, would have beaten twice in one day. Oh gosh, I almost forgot that T&T did beat Anguilla 15/0 in a warm-up match. Anguilla is ranked  # 209 in the FIFA, Terrible on the field of play and even worse off the field of play especially with regard to its financial position. That is the T&TFA today! Take a look at some of the T&TFA’s debts :

  • Ramesh Ramdhan  – $.5m
  • Futsal –                 – $ .5m
  • Kendall Walkes      – $ 5.5m
  • Sheldon Phillip       – $ 2m
  • Carolina Morace     – $ 4.3m
  • Stephen Hart          – $ 5m
  • Venture Credit Union – $ 23m
  • Two other claims       – $ 17m
  • Supplier of Steel for the House of Football – $.25m
  • Telemundo (estimated) – $9m

What makes the matter even more absurd is that there are many other debts which have not come to light as yet. And this is the man who wishes to offer himself for re-election come this Sunday. What manner of madness is this! Listen to a Venture Credit Union official, almost in tears, ” we just want our members’ money back”.Read Anton Corneal’s Release on Wired 868.com on Thursday. “DJW is not a man of his word.” He accused John-Williams of “mistreatment and dishonesty in his dealings and said that “the T&TFA will continue to haemorrhage money in  legal cases once John-Williams is in charge.” As far back as March 21, 2017, in the Telemundo legal battle Attorney at Law Christopher Hamel-Smith in referring to John-Williams said that “John-Williams’ conduct is not that of an honest man. The conduct of any honest commercial man is that he respects the rights of somebody who is bonafide………”
Now if that is the man who offers himself to be re-elected this Sunday and intends to save T&T’s football then all I can say is “heaven help us”.