Dear Sir,
It is interesting that Lisa Agard and the entire Board of TTT were fired because of the government’s defeat in the just concluded Local Government Elections last month and the government’s reason is that TTT did not assist them during their campaign.
The government had insisted that TTT should not charge them for their political advertisements nor for the broadcast of their po­litical meetings. This the Board refused to do since the Andrew Gabriel/Rohan Sinanan PNM election campaign was spending millions of dollars on other media houses especially TV6 and CNC3 both of whom are competitors of TTT. This the Board found to be unacceptable and refused to relent.
This lame-duck government is so shortsighted and stupid that they believe that a new Board ap­pointed a mere six months before the General Election will aid them in their fight against the UNC by giving them free political advertis­ing and free political broadcasts of their meetings.
The public should, therefore, look at the composition of the new Board as well as the role they will be playing in the upcoming Gen­eral Election.
Moreover, activists in the UNC should take note of the various PNM activities being carried on TTT, some even as news, and through the FOIA, should re­quest of the TTT an income and expenditure statement for the pe­riod under review.
TTT is a publicly run gov­ernment station operating with taxpayers money and such information should be in the public domain.
Watch them with a hawk eye