The story of the Phoenix is legendary. The Phoenix, known throughout all cultures, is a mythological crea­ture which lived in paradise. When it dies, the bird bursts into flames and is reborn from its ashes. The legend is famous for its symbol of renewal and rebirth – Life. In many ways, the Phoenix represents starting over anew, a bright and shining light illuminating new horizons. T&T cries out for a renewed way, a new shining path to rise out of the ashes of a nation cursed in crisis.

T&T: 2010 to 2015

The Phoenix arrived in 2010 with the ascent of Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s leadership. The UNC-led coalition, the Peoples Partner­ship, was hailed as the genesis for change and the return to our sweet, sweet T&T from the termi­nally ill PNM Manning rule.
The record will show that T&T under Kamla’s leadership (com­pared to Manning’s madness and Rowley’s horrific chaos) outper­formed the PNM rulers in every sector, improved health, educa­tion, the economy, safety and security, and created over 50,000 jobs. Businesses were doing well. Workers’ jobs were secure. The people were cared for and life in T&T was sweet again. And mis­takes slowly crept into under­mine the coalition. The paradise ushered in 2010 was inhaled by the seemingly corrupt system and an exhale of errors eventually fol­lowed.
Over time the self-inflicted mistakes took their toll as the PNM political vultures plunged their dirty knives of vengeance into the public psyche by grossly misrepresenting the facts, plotting fake news (e.g. Emailgate) and by exaggerating, exploiting and wea­ponizing flaws in the administra­tion’s apparatus. Consequently, T&T fell back into the abyss of PNM rule in 2015. The life of the Phoenix, its vision, its light, was put out; and with the contempt of conquerors, Rowley’s regime instructed the public of their con­quest when they dictated the ar­rogant words, “We in charge now, deal with it!”

Rowley’s PNM Regime

Under the Rowley’s dictator­ship, our nation has plunged into chaos and has been under threat for the last four years, T&T is in flames. “Rome is burning” while the “PNM boys club” fattens on the people’s treasury. Every pub­lic institution is failing to a point where our people’s lives are hurt­ing. Our economy has fallen into a recession and fast approaches the danger point of depression. Crime is out of control. Job losses are increasing.
Our health and education sys­tems are degrading and the coun­try’s infrastructure is collapsing (water, roads, et al).
Life, as we knew it in T&T, is withering away into the PNM depths infecting our society with pain and a PNM driven culture of divisive prejudices and racism. It is Rowley’s regime of nasty poli­tics that incites discord among the citizens. Is this what the PNM means by “We getting it done”? The PNM vultures in Rowley’s camp have picked the bones of T&T’s democracy, economy, and society. The dark days of a PNM government gone wild for four years have torn our beautiful people and twin Islands apart with their fake news, lies, dishonesty, negligence, incompetence, mis­management, corruption, thiev­ery, failures and abuse… abuse of our women’s dignity, abuse of our economy and abuse of our beloved homeland. It’s time for the Phoenix to rise again, reborn and renewed, wiser and stronger. Having corrected its weaknesses, the house of the Rising Sun’s ‘Worknation’ vision to get T&T working again is the life-saving light out of the dark ages of the Rowley regime which has con­demned our homeland to poverty, strife, crime, and chaos.

Local Elections 2019

The Phoenix rises to claim a vic­tory over the PNM on two counts. Firstly, the UNC won the popular vote and secondly, the Kamla-led UNC were voted in with the most net gains – PNM suffered nationwide losses, losing ground claimed in the last elections. The UNC victories compared to the PNM losses tell an honest story of the citizens of T&T written in the counted ballots.
A meaningful analysis of the results verifies the peoples’ con­fidence in the Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s leadership and the voters’ approval of the rebirth of a renewed and better UNC. The electorate endorsed Kamla’s vision of change in her (party’s) selection of new, young, hard-working, honest and qualified candidates and the promise to earn the peoples’ support by get­ting T&T working again for all lives to rise.
The election results proved that UNC supporters are growing while the PNM was punished by their members which indicated that the people are truly “fed up” of the failures of the Rowley gov­ernment to protect, secure and better the lives of our citizens. The PNM spin of lies, the sinful attacks on Kamla and the Opposi­tion, the thuggery of Rowley and his cohorts suing everybody, cov­ering up sexual offences, fraud and corruption, and attempting to deceive the electorate by spend­ing millions of dollars on false propaganda failed to fool most of the voters in this election… And the consensus is, it will also fail to fool the majority of voters in the coming 2020 General Elections.

The PNM Chains

Our country is at its knees suf­fering from the same old dictator­ship politics of self, of power and greed, of arrogance, incompe­tence, maltreatment and plunder. And the pain and suffering of a Failed State are on the horizon. Our country is at its edge, down­fallen, not by external forces, but by internal enemies who sacrifice our homeland so they can live like Kings in a PNM kingdom where its subjects are enslaved to the “PNM till ah dead” chains of failure.
They are chained to the PNM gospel that if your citizen brother or sister is not a PNMite, he or she cannot be your neighbour. He or She is not good enough to govern and is not to be supported for pub­lic office – because PNM is your only King… ‘T&T is PNM coun­try’! Such (PNM) chains for over 50 years, tightened around the necks of its victims every election year and continue to rob PNMites of their freedom to vote their con­science. Fortunately, the new free-thinking generation is questioning the older generation’s servitude to (any) party promoting race rather than principles of good character, values and principles, democracy and the constitutional freedoms and rights of all citizens.

The Phoenix

Politics aside, with a clear conscience and a cold analytical mind, the facts prove the case and the ayes have it, that the Honour­able Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s administration delivered the best overall performance of any gov­ernment in the history of our Republic. The facts prove that in every sector of public service, the Kamla-led government im­proved the lives of our citizenry, enriched our multi-cultural so­ciety, enhanced the lives of our school children, rescued the lives of many poor and needy families, modernized public sector servic­es, and took care of labour (settled over 100 labour union agreements which the PNM had ignored).
Crime was down. The economy was rising, and most importantly, we all lived in harmony in one sweet T&T. A government’s first priority, its core mandate, is to add positive value to our nation; to better the lives of our people. The truth is, Kamla delivered and the people were cared for, we were much better off under her care than under the careless, de­tached government of today!
Our country is too damaged, too soiled and stained to continue on the same path flowered by the tainted balisiers of the PNM that rot our livelihood and decay our future.
In 2020, we need the virtues and powers of a Phoenix to start over anew, to end this (PNM) tyranny, to give us a chance to change, to improve, to better our lives and to save our homeland from the despair of a Failed State. The 2019 local elections ushered in the acceptance of the renewal of the UNC led by Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Kamla is the only Phoe­nix of hope for T&T to rise, and judging from the victory of the 2019 local elections, the Phoenix has risen out of the ashes out of the Rowley PNM chaos. Kamla has now come, once again, to res­cue our homeland. Our hopes and prayers are with the Phoenix.
And it is my honest conviction she will earn the confidence of the electorate in 2020 to do the right thing. Wiser in her years and still young at heart with a genuine love for country, Kamla has the soul, the will and the competence to return our beloved country to the sweet, sweet T&T where we all, side by side, have an equal

By Brian G Stone
MBA, Business Consultant