I am Chuvalos George a native of Trinidad and Tobago of African ethnic­ity. Born and raised in Simeon Road Petit Valley, I have been a resident of the Diego Martin Municipal Corporation for my entire life. Today God’s gift “the meaning of my name” has chosen to be a servant of the people and by extension his community.

Like any Afro-Trinidadian I was born to very humble begin­nings where both my parents struggle with personality indif­ferences whilst raising myself and three other siblings. Unlike any politician in Trinidad and Tobago I chose to declare myself honest, morally upstanding, and hardworking, with divine lead­ership qualities, one who seeks only betterment for the Afro- pop­ulated communities within Diego Martin.
After a discouraging but regu­lar PNM victory over UNC in the Morne Coco/ Alyce Glen district of Diego Martin Central, where I represented the UNC, my political party of choice, I was left battered. Damaged because I was let down. Damaged because a ghost “Simon DyNobriga” had beaten me in an election. Damaged because my community which I took a moral stand to defend could not identify themselves with me as being one of their own.
Despite this, my faith and char­acter remain intact, with more so a personality developed with humil­ity more than ever. I acknowledge that people of my race “Afro-Trin­bagonian” are so broken in their minds, uneducated and separated by tribal politics and pseudo rac­ism, that a sudden collapse in the country’s economy would only af­fect us doesn’t occur to them.

Both my parents did not have the courage to wear a UNC T-shirt and accompany me on walkabouts

To also acknowledge that both my parents did not even have the courage to wear a UNC T-shirt and accompany me on walkabouts, tells the story of how the PNM has left Afro-Trinbagonian fami­lies torn apart even when they re­side under the same roof. This has revealed to me the importance of great leaders and leadership and how desperate it is needed in the Afro- Trinbagonian communities. We need leadership that wouldn’t teach us to depend on another race to survive and mentally en­slave us, a point we African can­not see even when in front of a
Now I have set out a task for myself to provide leadership that would all make us all free men economically and spiritually with power that contributes to the de­velopment of acclivitous manifes­tation of the Afro Trinbagonian race.
In closing I would like to thank my grandmother Kathleen Mason, my brother Shem George, Gordon Pierre, Jack Warner, Kevin Gale, Keon Goodridge, Kwasean Mason, Kadeem Corbin, Paul, Elise& Rukiya Francis, Clinton Acts, Donyio Pascal, Chris Salandy, Christine & Elizabeth Wint, the Oliver Family, Karon Joseph, Michael Ramsey, Deon Charles; for supporting me wholeheart­edly on my journey and vision to bring prosperity to enable my community, with tools equipped to build and foster what is need­ed for generations of persons to become sustainable throughout, with leadership being the center to break the jinx and curse that the PNM blindly has thought our parents on how to be dependent on other races to survive.

Chuvalos George
Shadow Councillor
Morne Coco/Alyce Glen