• “Wine until yuh backbone break” Machel Montano sings
• “Lord, what ah do Wrong Again” Skinny Banton sings
• “Move everything” Mr. Killa commands

In an eclectic mix in Car­nival 2020 we’ll all see the rapidly changing face of Soca; the look reflecting an on­going tilt embracing a hybrid of sexplosive ideas and the resur­gence of the jab jab beat.

The King of Soca Machel Mon­tano in one of his playful exhorta­tions to party animals advises in the hookline of the song, “Wine until yuh backbone break.”
Hello, this is a clear clarion call for feters to wine like mad! And they’re all heeding Machel’s in­struction like nobody’s business.
Popular songbird Nadia Batson, who played a big star role in last Carnival with two scorching hits under her belt is now trying to find out from party-goers: “How Meh Bumper Looking?” a question she quickly answers in song “Fatt”.
And for those winers who de­light in “going down” Nadia instructs in a serious vein “stay right dey, stay right dey”.
In the catechism of Soca, horn­ing is a fact of life. And over the years songwriters have trumpeted the horning culture ad infinitum.
The late calypsonian Penguin took the cake declaring “A Dep­uty Essential”.
Now for the very first time, an artiste has come along doing a switchback ride on horning.
Enter Skinny Banton who is seeking to do things the right way, beseeching “Lord What Ah Do Wrong Again?”
The subject matter Wrong Again – a storyline on horning is the Number One song in Trini­dad and Tobago for the past five weeks and is still holding strong, mashing up fetes along the way.
Reigning International Soca Monarch Mr Killa is leading the way in the resurgence of the fre­netic jab jab beat, widely used by scores of producers on tracks for this Carnival.
Mr Killa will be defending his enviable International Soca Mon­arch title with a call to chaos again:
“Move Everything”
As the texture and tenor of Soca music changes, let’s see what di­rection it may take in a couple of weeks.
Here endeth.