Last Sunday Team Sun­shine went to Los Iros, saw Los Iros and con­quered Los Iros Starlites.
It was indeed a very scenic drive to Los Iros as Team Sunshine chose to go to Los Iros the long way via Debe, Penal, Siparia, Palo Seco, Santa Flora and Rancho Que­mado arriving there at 1:15 pm. The return journey through the fields was much shorter however.
The team was well received and on arrival, each member enjoyed a hot bowl of Los Iros special fish broth. Following that the game commenced promptly at 2:30 pm and from very early both teams locked horns in a ding dong battle in the 12-table, 121 Bullseyes en­counter which resulted in the half time score being very close at 60/57 Bullseyes and 21/20 Hang Jacks – all in favour of Team Sunshine.
A hot lunch of provisions, stewed pork and stewed chicken followed and both teams then held their re­spective team talks and the encoun­ter resumed. Very early Team Sun­shine took the lead and never looked back as Los Iros Starlites struggled to reach 100 Bullseyes to Team
Sunshine’s 121. Not even the pres­ence and encouragement from Cro Cro could have helped the Starlites. Their stars never shone! Team Sun­shine also dominated Los Iros Star­lites in the Hang Jacks department 31/22.
Hereunder is the schedule
of the match results:
Most Outstanding Game (14/0) – Table 9 – Team Sunshine – John­son & Jean
First Bullseye – Table 5 – Los Iros Starlites – Malcolm & Neil
First Hang Jack – Table 1 – Los Iros Starlites – Gail & Liz
Hang Jack of Clubs with Ace – Table 8 – Team Sunshine – Johnson & Sailor Boy
Most Spectacular Game 13/13 won by Table 7 – Team Sunshine – Newt & Newton
Highest Count for Game (80) – Table 5 – Team Sunshine – Brent & Jack