It just had to be! After the defeat Team Sunshine suffered at the hands of PTSC two weeks ago they had sworn that such was an aberration should never happen again. And therefore it was no surprise when Team Sunshine members assembled at the Blue Dollar Bar in Tum­puna Road, Arima, last Sunday more than an hour before match time with only one thing on their minds – to demolish their opponent. And demolish they did!
The half time score was 60/51 in Team Sunshine’s favour though Blue Dollar Bar was just barely ahead on Hang Jacks 24/23
Following a lunch of pelau, coleslaw and stewed chicken the game restarted and despite the valiant efforts of Blue Dollar Bar players, the end was predictable. It was, therefore, no surprise when the game finally ended 121/98 in Team Sunshine’s favour. The opposition could not have made even the much-coveted 100. However, Blue Dol­lar Bar can be consoled by the fact that they won the most Hang Jacks 38/32.
There will be no competition next week in respect to the Divali celebrations though the team will be playing in-house at the Palace on Monday. The return match with Blue Dol­lar Bar is scheduled for Sunday, November 3rd at the Palace. The following week Team Sunshine takes its All Fours skills to Tobago.
Hereunder is a schedule of the results
of last Sunday’s match:
Kick 9 of Spades – Table 3 – Blue Dollar Bar – Moses & Suresh
Kick 2 of Hearts – Table 10 – Blue Dollar Bar – Bill & Co
Kick 3 of Clubs – Table 5 – Blue Dollar Bar – Joshua & Cassandra
Kick 7 of Diamonds – Table 12 – Blue Dollar Bar – Tony & Snake
1st Hang Jack of Clubs – Table 12 – Team Sunshine – Errol & Roger
1st Hang Jack of Spades – Table 11 – Team Sunshine – Tennyson & Newt
1st Hang Jack of Diamonds – Table 7 – Team Sunshine – Darin & Sudesh
Highest Count for Game (80) – Table 2 – Blue Dollar Bar – Sheldon & Junior
Most Bullseyes (14) – Table 10 – Team Sunshine – Krackator & Newton
Most Straight Games (6) – Table 1 – Team Sunshine – Lambert & Cheryl T
Most Hang Jacks (7) – Table 8 – Blue Dollar Bar – Jeremy & Neesha
Winning Bullseye – Table 7 – Team Sun­shine – Darin & Sudesh
Champion – Team Sunshine