SUSPICIOUS BANKING TRANSACTIONS OF A $2M POLICE OFFICER …the criminal virus in the TTPS is worse than COVID-19



Two Sundays ago, the Sun­day Express and other dai­ly media reported that “an Acting Commissioner of Police (ACP) has been flagged by three financial institutions for close to $2 million in suspicious activity. The banks reported the transac­tions to the Financial Intelligence Unit of T&T (FIU) following de­posits into over 15 personal ac­counts belonging to the Acting Commissioner. The reported raid and search on the Express House by the alleged ACP have raised my questions of a constitutional and freedom nature.

It is said that the Police Com­plaints Authority (PCA) has launched an investigation into al­legations that the acting Police Commissioner deposited close to $2 million in his personal bank accounts. Naturally, if the banks reported such information to the FIU, it is anticipated that an Act­ing Police Commissioner shall be informed by his close colleagues especially if they are his juniors and working at the FIU. But that figure may be insignificant as compared to what many of the na­tion’s politicians, lawyers, accoun­tants, business class and bankers at different levels are doing, but will never be brought to justice and to the public domain.

Is this new?

This TTPS public disclosure has many top governmental officials backpedaling whilst publicly re­vealing what many knew that was existing and mushrooming in the TTPS “An insidious monstrous arm with versatile and ambidex­trous arms and legs, parading in TTPS uniforms for more than four decades, abusing its power, con­solidating its illegal gains, posing with leading politicians, operating in deft secrecy, fomenting discord in the TTPS, whilst compromising national security at all levels.”
That is one of the many rea­sons why despite all the “mouthed speeches and brass sounding zero-tolerance messages and all the political rhetoric threats and pro­paganda” Trinidad and Tobago will never attain any degree of de­cency or sustained improvement in its fight against crime. Why? Because crime allegedly exists in the very corridors of power, sus­tained, nurtured and promoted at all levels of the national security apparatus, with both the white and black collar levels flourishing. The only color missing is red and that is the nation’s blood spilled on the bodies and homes of murdered na­tionals.
It is reported that the PCA is also investigating police officers attached to the Professional Stan­dards Bureau (PSB) who allegedly may be involved. Does this report seem strange in an era of transna­tional organized crimes that has a parallel multibillion-dollar glob­al industry, with oak-like roots in Trinidad and Tobago? Whilst that may be so, it was reported in the Trinidad Guardian that a Police raid was authorized by the said Acting Police Commissioner to unearth information as to “who spilled the beans” on him at the Express Office on Independence Square, Port-of-Spain.

Commissioner Griffith’s position

Commissioner Gary Griffith stated when questioned, that he was not in the country and there­fore would not have authorized any action. The person to give those orders, he said, would be the Act­ing Commissioner of Police. “You have seen how I operate, while I sit in the (Commissioner’s) chair, at no one time would there ever be any abuse of power. Right now, I am out of the country, I am not aware in any form of fashion of the action that would have been taken. As much as I know is what I have read on social media,” Griffith said.
In its Sunday expose’, the Ex­press published an article saying that the ACP was being probed by police in relation to suspicious banking transactions. Griffith said he had received a file from the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) about the alleged misconduct and gave it to the Professional Stan­dards Bureau. Usually, files of such nature are given to the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) and the Financial Intelli­gence Bureau (FIB), but Griffith said he opted to give it to the PSB. Subsequently, the information was leaked to the Express.

The Commissioner’s bold drive

Commissioner Griffith took up that lawful appointment as leader, determined to make changes, un­der a hybrid cloud of blurred and obfuscating police legacy and culture that was highly resistant and acutely confrontational to any person coming from outside of the TTPS. You can rest assured that whilst there will be lip service ac­ceptance, there shall never be full support, as his appointment may have interfered with many prom­ised appointments and continued flourishing of the dastardly and ne­farious arms of transnational orga­nized crimes by elements involved on the outside with these illicit activities. It is just like bringing someone from the outside to head the Defence Force.
Furthermore, Commissioner’s Griffith modus operandi of bring­ing in Defence Force personnel to critical arms of the Police Service injected fuel power which may not go down well with many in the TTPS, especially those who want to see him go. Can you examine the amount of TTPS officers in orga­nized crimes such as illegal drugs, arms and ammunition, human traf­ficking, murder, domestic violence and more? Can that be considered to be just a few rogue officers in the TTPS? Almost every week, officers of TTPS are in the media as a result of alleged involvement and partici­pation in all aspects of organized crimes. Do you think it is easy for the Commissioner of Police to in­stitute structural and meaningful changes in the TTPS? The nation is aware of the illegal quarrying that is taking place in the East. The na­tion is also aware of police involve­ment in this illegal exercise. Why not call in the army for help, Com­missioner?
We must be a jokey and stupid people. If the Commissioner had a group of 25 to manage, he would be very successful, but the TTPS is far different from the military in command and structure and he would be tested at all levels in the TTPS. However, the reality ap­pears to be after careful, investiga­tion, covert and overt intelligence and understanding by criminal ele­ments across the country that there exists in the TTPS at all levels, and also other national security agen­cies, what appears to be not only a compromised TTPS and national security.
As such this is a growing men­ace to the nation in the form of a parallel TTPS, firmly aligned to the underworld, business class and politicians, despite the very hard work of many trusted officers. That is the reality citizens. This criminal virus is worse than the COVID-19 as it has been nurtured and incubated and consistently growing for over four decades. The nation will need more than anti-bacterial products and toilet paper to restrain and curb this in­sidious monster.