STUART YOUNG…Talking Loud Saying Nothing



Lock them up, Stuart!

If you have the evidence that Dr Roodal Moonilal and Jearlean John have links with criminal entities and gangs, I sug­gest that you cut the ole talk and lock them up.
It was for this reason that your Government went to Parliament in 2018 seeking to pass the Anti-Gang Bill.
It was for this reason that you in­formed the Parliament that an ini­tiative of such a nature will assist the Government in its fight against crime.
You claimed that the law was needed as a strategy to interrupt the runaway crime that was sweeping the country.
The Parliament obliged, voted for the Bill to become law, passed instructions for it to be assented to by the President of our Republic and now you are saying you have actionable evidence that two Op­position politicians have broken this law. If they have done so how come to date they are not in police custody?
All you are doing is giving long-winded speeches in Parliament, sensationalising and politicizing crime but taking no action against citizens you have described as mis­creants.
You were quick to run before the Joint Select Committee to give evi­dence and according to one of the persons you accused, it was just talking and not one shred of evi­dence was presented.
That meeting collapsed and no action against the ones you claim are guilty of wrongdoing took place. And yet you want this nation to believe that the crime crisis we are facing in this country is not re­lated to PNM mismanagement but rather UNC malfeasance?

Lies! lies! and more lies!

The nation is fed up with the ole talk, fed up with your empty rhetoric. This nation is fed up with Stuart Young and the lies you con­tinue to spin to deceive the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
If what you are saying is true Stuart Young, you have the golden opportunity to lock up a Mr Big and a Ms Big and leave a legacy for other Ministers of National Securi­ty to follow. But instead of action, all we are receiving once again is just talk and more talk from a Boy of National Security and from a po­litical party whose Promises Never Materialise.
With the PNM, it is only lies, lies and more lies and, based on your so-called recent exposé, you have confirmed that your party is an in­stitute that cannot be trusted.
In 2015, the PNM boasted on the political platform that it was red and ready, Lie!
In 2015, the PNM boasted on the political platform that it had plans to revive the economy. Lie! After four years not a single revenue stream has been created. Financial arteries have choked another case of lies and more lies.
In 2015, the PNM boasted that it had the answer to crime. Lie! Look at the response now. Look at the crisis we face – another case of lies and more lies. Great is the PNM.
You could parrot off all the crimes that are being committed – a gangster who signed on behalf of a Permanent Secretary, another who was a leader in the Lifesport Programme, money being extorted – and yet after four and a half years, no one has been brought before the courts to answer charges for this Lifesport Programme.
The Permanent Secretary who allowed gangsters to sign for him if that is true should have been ar­rested for misbehaviour in public office. But nothing of the sort was done and you expect the nation to believe that you have the evidence for crimes committed by UNC politicians and no one as yet is ar­rested?

Your stewardship over the past two years

I am not even going to judge your party over the four years it has been in office. I am, however, just going to examine your stewardship over the past two years and to advise you that no Minister of National Security has watched over more murders in two years than you, the Honourable Stuart Young.
Under your watch, human traf­ficking has mushroomed. The kidnapping of our little girls has increased. The crime of organ har­vesting has forged its way across our social landscape. Not even I, who you want to purchase a first-class ticket for, a one-way ticket to Miami for, have done such a grave in­justice to our people as you have done! Who should be sent away? You or Me? In my case, you have chosen Miami as my destination. In your case, I choose Sibe­ria for you and for the peace of mind of every citizen of Trinidad & Tobago who is living in fear today.
Do a national poll Stuart Young and see who the peo­ple of Trinidad and Tobago wish to see disappear from our land. See if it is me or you? I will pay for the poll.
You are the only Minister of Na­tional Security whose stewardship records two consecutive years with 500 and more murders. Tell me how many of these the UNC Oppo­sition Parliamentarians are guilty?
But if the truth is told, the PNM has gone into panic at the move­ment and the shift away from your kind of politics. Fear is now well­ing up inside you and others in your party at what is taking place today in the La Horquetta/Talparo Constituency.
All of a sudden, that constitu­ency which voted for the PNM in 2015 has suddenly gone yellow and this did not happen overnight.
Your party created a vacuum. Jearlean John, with her unique management skills, has stepped in and has started to win the con­fidence of the people of that con­stituency and one by one, commu­nity after community has begun to fall away from the PNM and all of a sudden, Jearlean John becomes a pariah with criminal links to gang­sters and the underworld.

Make my day

So, go ahead Stuart Young. Make my day and lock up Jearlean John if you have the evidence to do so.
All this set of ole talk is because Jearlean is doing what a PNM party should have been doing for its African-based constituencies. It is not Jearlean who shut down Petrotrin and sent people home. It is not Jearlean who retrenched our black brothers and sisters, not failing to pay them for contractual work done. It is not Jearlean who has the economy in a tailspin. It is not Jearlean who has the nation’s health system in the mess that it is in. So if Jearlean John is showing the PNM how black people should be treated, don’t fabricate stories against her.
If you have the facts, Stuart Young, lock her up.
I have not seen you visiting an innocent gunshot victim who picked up the assassin’s bullet on the evening of December 31, 2019, and it is simply because you do not care.
The families of the fisherman who were slaughtered at sea, they were never visited by you or your party. Their children have never been offered any kind of finan­cial assistance as Wayne Chance’s own. Maybe it was because Jear­lean John and Roodal Moonilal were responsible for the slaughter. Is that the case Stuart Young?
Your pathetic pandering to PNM sycophants will not help this na­tion that is crying out for a Gov­ernment to act and act rightly.
Stuart, I will not provide you with any first-class ticket to any­where except to Siberia, for your failure to proper mentor that little child who was part of a relation­ship in which you ought to have had some responsibility.
But I will finger you and this Government to the point of agita­tion for the lies you have fed us, for the betrayal you have subject­ed us to, for the destruction you all have wrought on our economy and for the opportunities this PNM government has denied us.
When my finger is withdrawn it shall be red but the PNM will not be the beneficiary of such plea­sure.
If you have evidence, lock them up, Stuart Young. However, if you don’t, then shut up and stop the deception. By the way Stuartie, I live in my own home, do you live in yours?