Stuart Young and PM Rowley…DOUBLE JEOPARDY



Sometimes I am at a loss for words describing the mental process of the Minister of National Security, the Honourable Stuart Young, and I am not amused at the flippant responses he offers to important questions of nation­al interest.

There seems to be a sense of arrogance and indifference in his tone that borders on megaloma­nia and this is not comforting for a country that is in grief and a nation that is mourning espe­cially at a time when we need leaders whom we can trust to be honest and truthful in all of their dealings.
Watching Young closely he seems to enjoy the power that is given to him. He has not ac­cepted such responsibility with humility and he wields it in a manner that brings out the worst in us because he is an upstart and immature in so many ways. To be honest he has contributed very little to national develop­ment.
He struts around, this plume­less, peacock as though he owns the patent to determine what is best for our people and in a des­potic fashion makes decisions with which future generations would never be able to come to terms.
This Covid-19 has come at a time when the social landscape had Stuart Young retreating into oblivion.
As Minister of National Se­curity, he demonstrated that he was clueless in treating with the crime that overwhelmed us, and he had no solutions to offer except the hope that the Com­missioner of Police with limited tools and no policy direction and resources from the Minis­try would evolve with a strategy that would work.
Had it not been for Covid-19, Stuart Young’s significance would only have been the fall symptomatic of what is to take place later this year because ev­erything he has done, every de­cision he has authored seems to end in abject failure or brought him into odium with the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Co­vid-19 has breathed in him new life.
Stuart Young needs to explain one more time the rationale be­hind his decision to leave na­tionals homeless in countries as close as Suriname and Barbados when he refused to open the na­tion’s borders to let them in!

Raging bull

Stuart Young’s rhetoric should be respected, if only to want to breakdown his asinine response in a way that makes sense to this nation, to help us understand the divides that assist his decision-making process and the lack of empathy he holds for the poor people of Trinidad and Tobago.
Honourable Dr Keith Rowley, who deceased Patrick Manning once described as that of a rag­ing bull, should ascend the plat­form once again to defend the Government’s position to leave our people stranded in another man’s land when we could have simply opened the doors and let them in.
Because this time we need to hear the basis upon which the airport was opened for Dr Keith Rowley to meet with Delcy Ro­driguez, the Vice-President of Venezuela and whoever else that may have come to visit with her.
A decision was taken, not by the Parliament, but by the Gov­ernment to lock down our bor­ders. Nationals were left strand­ed in Barbados and across the world but we open the borders for the Vice President of Vene­zuela which to date has recorded some 143 confirmed cases of Covid-19.
Stuart Young and Dr Keith Rowley should explain what it is that Delcy Rodriguez had or has that she could not give to Dr Keith Rowley, our Prime Min­ister via Skype, Zoom or one of the video conferencing plat­forms that are currently avail­able like other world leaders are doing!
Whatever caused Dr Rowley and Stuart Young to open the borders for Delcy had to be good and possibly what Delcy has, our nationals abroad may not have been or may not be able to de­liver to Stuart and Keith. But un­less Dr Rowley is forthright and ignores the temptation to spin, we can only surmise and never know that is why I am calling on him for full disclosure.
Something is wrong with both the event and the timing if in­deed Delcy fuelled a jet to visit Dr Rowley because it would come at a time when the US Government placed a bounty of 15 million US dollars on the whereabouts of Delcy’s Presi­dent, Nicolas Maduro.
According to reports coming out of the USA, President Mad­uro is wanted on drug traffick­ing charges by the US authori­ties bearing in mind the conflict between Maduro and the US, these cahrges could very well be “Trumped” up allegations. So, as a nation-State, we should be wary of doing business with a country that is the enemy of the State of one of our allies.
Furthermore, Delcy is not without reproof herself, a ban is still imposed on her by the Eu­ropean Union (EU). Her assets have been frozen by the EU and many Venezuelans who have fled the mainland have accused her as being part of the regime that practised human rights vio­lations against her people.

Citizens abandoned

None of our citizens who have been abandoned and left strand­ed abroad has characters of such ignominy, not even Rowley’s proverbial “Partap” for whom he said the State would not open its door. But Delcy, the protégé of Maduro, seems to have such an allurement that not even Young could have resisted the temp­tation to stand up boldly to his boss and deny Delcy entry. And what hurts, even more, is that one of our daily newspapers, ex­cept one, has chosen not to deal with this national contradiction in any meaningful way, and even that one daily only saw it fit to only post an article in an obscure corner of its Page 7 continuing on Page 13! What abandonment!
Who else was in that small entourage? Stuart Young must come clean because the nation is waiting to understand how we are going to benefit from this visit?
This is not strange, because it is not the first time Dr Rowley has broken his own
One would have expected that after he returned from Ghana, the Prime Minister would have self-quarantined himself for the internationally accepted 14 days but this did not happen.
Just like the reckless Ian Al­leyne, he was seen hosting me­dia briefings on the Covid-19 at a time when he should have been in quarantine. The Prime Minister and Young to speak to us again because if you can bend the laws for a non-national from a country that has more confirmed Covid-19 cases than we, why couldn’t it have been bent for our own and bring them home?
It does not matter who Delcy is or what Delcy has or how sweet the offerings that she pre­sented to Keith Rowley and the rest of his Cabinet. There still exists no justification in opening the doors for her and shutting it tight for your own.
There is no way that Young and Rowley could spin their way out of this.
What they should do is swal­low their pride and open our doors for our people, abandoned in a place where they will never be able to call home.
Do the right thing Stuart and bring “Partap” and the rest abroad back to the country of their birth.