Last Friday a 15-year-old student (name given) of St Mary’s College was badly beaten by a gang of 9 hoodlums (names were given) from different upper forms in the College. These 9 boys belong to one of several gangs in the school.

One of the members of the gang told the Form 2 student that some­one wanted to speak with him outside his classroom. When he went to see who wanted to speak with him all nine of them pounced on the unsuspecting student and properly brutalised him with cuffs and kicks until he became uncon­scious.
Why was there no teacher around? Why was there no secu­rity to protect the brutalised lad? One of his classmates who knows his family, on seeing what was happening, ran from St Mary’s College on upper Frederick St Port of Spain to the boy’s moth­er’s place of work at the Ministry of Works & Transport on London Street and told his mother of the incident and that her son was un­conscious.
His traumatised mother then rushed to St Mary’s College and saw her son lying unconscious on the floor. There was still no mem­ber of staff in attendance. The mother then called an ambulance and in the ambulance rushed her son to the Mt Hope hospital where he regained consciousness sev­eral hours after. No one from the school accompanied the trauma­tised mother to the hospital.
On her way out the Principal of the College gave the mother his mobile number for her to call and give him an update. Not a single teacher accompanied her to the hospital with her son. Not a call from even the school’s Principal to the mother up to the time of writing, this Monday morning. However, the Minister of Educa­tion, Anthony Garcia, did call the boy at his home on Saturday last and apologised both to the boy and his parents and promised to look into the matter with a degree of urgency.
In the meantime, the distraught mother is contemplating making a report to the police and having them lay charges against the 9 hoodlums. That’s what they are hoodlums with a smattering of education.
In the old days when St Mary’s College was better known as The College of Immaculate Concep­tion (CIC) and when the majority of the staff were men of the cloth, such an incident could never have happened. Now today, “CIC we want a goal” is no more as the school is last in the football rank­ings. It is no longer a place of academia and scholarship but its fame is in fete so that St Mary’s Fete is a big event and all tickets are sold out within 24 hours of go­ing on sale to the public.
Hillview College and Naparima College are now at the forefront of scholarship and the once-mighty St Mary’s College has become an­other Blackboard Jungle, like so many other schools in the nation.