SOCA COMEBACK – After 24 Years


The name Winston Thom­as aka Soca bard Wayne T definitely wouldn’t ring a bell among a very large section of the population. Especially the very young generation of party animals, the name Wayne T has no resonance at all.
And that’s quite understand­able. 25 years ago Wayne T burst on the entertainment scene with a massive, danceable hit in Doi Doi, storming the charts and mashing up the party and fete circuit.
Now today, Wayne T is pulling back the curtain that once closed what would have been an on-go­ing career in Soca.
“I’m back. I am not a one-hit-wonder. This time I’m in it for the long haul. A lot of things are happening positive in Soca and I want to play a big part in it,” Wayne T explains happily.
Based in New York, Wayne T plans on returning home to pro­mote his renewed Soca career and his two pepper hot Soca tracks – Ah Want a Vene and Gyal Wah Yuh Want.
Both songs are risqué – driven but carry superb production sheen and groovy sing-a-long vibes that are a literal passport for Wayne T to be back in fetes, even after all these years.
“Ah Want a Vene” was writ­ten/composed and produced by Leston Paul.
“Gyal Wah Yuh Want” was writ­ten and composed by Wayne T and Marcelino Thompson, who also produced the hit-bound track. Addi­tional writer is Surette Bondon, who also sang on the track with Wayne T.
Welcome back to Soca.