People would say God don’t sleep when someone hurts them or they want revenge for an injustice. But nowa­days they are saying that Satan also doh sleep also as there are so many trag­edies that are facing the country from murders, road fatalities, suicide, drownings, women losing their lives through domes­tic violence and now there is the fear of the coronavi­rus reaching T&T.

Many feel that Satan is roaming all over the coun­try, trying to destroy peo­ple’s lives and creating fear and panic among citizens.
Even Gary can’t ketch himself with them fearless Satan criminals.
There was an article in one of the daily newspapers last week headlined “Do­mestic violence kills 11 in 2020—More women will die.”
Men are beating up their women, which has resulted in 113 of them being mur­dered over the past three years. So far 35 women have been murdered for this year.
The road death figures have been going up. A couple who came for their honeymoon from Canada drowned in Toco recently. Murder has been escalating to worrying heights as every day someone is killed.
Satan appears to be con­trol in T&T. PM Dr Keith Rowley is trying to get rid of all dem jumbies around him that when he went on a visit to Ghana, he mounted the stairs lined with bald-headed tribes chanting spiritual songs and beating drums to meet the master to become a “servant of the King’s Court’ in Ghana last week.
He was made to stand up and sit three times to signify he is now a “member of the King’s Court”.
However, it is not known if Rowley was given any name of an African tribes­man like when former PM Arthur Robinson was made Chief of Ileife by the Ooni of Ilefie when he visited Ni­geria in 1991.
Some observers are say­ing that Rowley appears to want to get rid of the jumb­ies around him to better run the country and he is look­ing for blessings to win the next General Election.
They claim that Rowley does regularly see an obeah man in Tobago for advice.
The rum posse of Ramsingh, Balkie, Rasta, and Dougla met for their usual drink up at Corky’s bar last week to discuss the issues in the country.

Rasta: “Barman as soon as ah walk in ah smell something like marijuana. Yuh know ah have ah nose fuh marijuana scent. Like somebody smoking ah joint in d washroom. Remember you could only smoke ganja in yuh house and not in ah public place.”

Barman: “Whey yuh want meh to do? Leh d man take ah pull, it eh have no police who does come here for ah drink and in any case yuh free to have ah ounce in yuh pocket. Dat smoke must be coming from d back of d building.”

Ramsingh: “If Rasta get charge he go win he case because yuh eh see d AG losing ah set ah cases with some ah dem bad laws he passing. Yuh know he even lose he brief case”.

Dougla: “Ah see Rowley in ah Carnival band play­ing sailor. Ah see he trying to spray powder on ah next masquerader in d band. Yuh know Rowley like to play mas but he fraid powder.”

Rasta: “As yuh talk bout Rowley ah see where he dress up in some colour­ful African clothes when he went to Ghana. Ah see d Hunte minister smiling in d background. D Hunte should find out if Ghana can solve we water problems and how to make WASA fix all ah dem leaking pipes and leaving big holes all over d country. Ah also hope he can fix the economy with some money from Ghana and with D Hunte help”

Ramsingh: “Ah see some bald head men like Rowley making him stand and sit three times and chanting some kind ah spiritual song. He must be ask dem to help him get d spirit tantie Ka­mla put on him to make him lose d next election. Ah feel Rowley have ah spirit on him dat is why he does get on like ah raging bull in par­liament.”

Barman: “Ah feel Satan moving in dis country. Yuh eh see how dem criminals behaving like if dey have Satan in dem. It have plen­ty evil in dis country since Rowley took over from Ka­mla.”

Balkie: “Hear nah whey allyuh think bout dis coro­navirus talk all over d world and right here in dis coun­try? Yuh hearing how minis­ter Denialsingh saying what yuh must do or not do to avoid d virus. Dem churches telling dey congregation not to shake hands when dey meet in d church. Ah hear one priest say how to just give dem owmnan sweet eyes.”

Rasta: “Ah even hear how dey say yuh must not even kiss. So yuh have to put off sex until the virus gone. Dey must be saying yuh could have sex with­out kissing. Yuh might have to put on ah mask to have

Barman: “Dem priest say doh touch hands so dey followers eh bound to put money in d basket dey does pass round when d service done because dat could have germs too.”

Ramsingh: “Ah hear ah lot ah people say dey stay­ing home for d Easter holi­days and dey eh going away for d holidays. Some ah dem start to cancel dey holidays abroad. Dis coronavirus go have ah big financial impact on some ah dem poor Carib­bean countries whey depend on tourism. Yuh eh see dey turning back all ah dem cruise ships and even Italy shut down a whole village of 16m people?”

Balkie: “D Minister say yuh must wash yuh hands every hour but where ah live we does get water ev­ery two days and sometimes none for ah whole week. He must tell WASA to increase d water supply in dem areas where people suffering for water. Is dem who go get d virus fust when it start to spread.”