Rum Jumbies

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley was quoted as saying at the recent PNM Sports and Family Day in La Horquetta, that the PNM stands for integrity and morality and is building a better society for the young people who will see public officers acting in the highest standards of principle.

But many are saying that Rowley can set an example by speaking the truth and stop lying to the nation on issues.
Today most people take with a pinch of salt, what Rowley and members of his cabal, AG Faris al-Rawi, National Security Minister Stuart Young and Finance Minister Colm Imbert, tell the public.

At the Family Day Row­ley supported Commission­er of Police Gary Griffith’s drive to have all police of­ficers undergo polygraph tests. He said a police of­ficer is one that the public should depend on to be honest.

People are saying that if Rowley wants to show the public that he is honest, he should take a polygraph test to show that he is not lying about the emails.
He claimed to have gotten them from a whistle blower. The emails implicated the then Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, former AG Anand Ramlogan and even former National Secu­rity Minister Gary Griffith of conspiring to murder a female journalist, among some other serious allega­tions, five years ago.

The DPP’s office has cleared them of any crimi­nal conspiracy charges in what was known as the “Emailgate scandal” and the police have closed their investigations saying there is not enough evidence to prosecute anyone.

But Rowley is arguing that the DPP had not ex­culpated or cleared anyone, adding that the authenticity of the 31- emails could not either be confirmed or de­nied after reading the con­clusion of the deputy DPP Joan Honore-Paul to the police.

If Rowley wants the pub­lic to believe that there is some truth in the emails then they are saying he should take a polygraph test.

The same email scan­dal which may have given him high political office in the 2015 General Election, some observers are say­ing that it would also make him fall in the next General Election.

The Opposition UNC would make the “fake” emails a major political issue on the election plat­form.

The emailgate and crime news have been the talk among members of the pub­lic, including those in the rumshops like Ramsingh, Balkie, Dougla and Blacks.

Balkie: “Barman, ah see d door pull halfway, like all yuh ready to close. Ah see d place only have ah few rum drinkers. Like it had ah robbery here and patrons scared to come.”

Barman: “Nah worse than dat. Ah car pass d oth­er night and buss some lead on ah man standing near d bar. But d gunman miss he mark and one ah d bullet grazed ah man next to him. Like people scared to come and drink.”

Balkie: “Boy, ah doh know what dis place com­ing to, nah. Is really like d Wild, Wild West. Dem gun­slingers shooting all over d place and dey eh care is in­nocent people who getting kill.”

Ramsingh: “Most ah dem gangsters who killing other rival gang members are black hen chicken. Yuh eh see how plenty young African men are shot in cold blood. Dem killers moving in high-end cars to get away and d police cyar ketch up with dem. Is d drug trade whey causing dis set ah killings, yes.”

Balkie: “But ent Rowley tell we how he go reduce crime when he was cam­paigning for the general election. He say under tan­tie Kamla it had plenty kill­ing. Now ah want to hear what he saying because he had a plan to break up dem gangsters and put dem in jail.”

Blacks: “As yuh talk bout Rowley ah see how d DPP clear Kamla and some ah dem top ministers in d last government over some plot to kill a female reporter. Rowley made some serious criminal allegations against dem and yuh know d man say he keep d emails for six months before he went an expose it in Parliament.”

Ramsingh: “It look like he was waiting to see if d female reporter would ah get murder and when he see time passing and nobody eh get kill he say he went and tell President Max, but now Max dead he calling he name. Max cyar say if Rowley really tell him bout d emails, he done dead.”

Barman: “Rowley know how to really lie, yes. Is lies he make up bout how Kamla and dem minis­ters whey raid d treasury whey get him to be d prime minister. Yuh know dem voters really believe him and went an vote d PNM.

Dat is why ah feel he should either resign or take ah polygraph test to show he eh lying. Rowley must defend himself, even if it means he have to lie like

Balkie: “Yuh know Rw­ley get ketch with he pants down bout d fake emails, he saying there is no exon­eration for d UNC because d email could not be con­firmed or denied.”

Blacks: “D police say there is not enough evi­dence to charge anyone for misconduct in public office. How come d police cyar charge Rowley for wast­ing d police time or making public mischief? If ah man go to the police and make ah false report he go get case for wasting d police time.”

Barman: “But yuh eh year Gary say there is no evidence dat Rowley who bring d issue to light could be charged for wasting d police time. He say wast­ing police time is if some­one deliberately intended to waste police time.”
Ramsingh: “Ah doh ex­pect Gary to say Rowley wasted police time.

Yuh know how much ah time d local police, FBI, and Google time d police waste to say there is no evidence to charge Kamla and she other ministers who were involved in the plot!

Yuh forget is Rowley who support Gary for the CoP job. If was Kamla she might ah get charge.”
Until next week.