Keith Christopher Row­ley, in his then capacity as Leader of the PNM in Opposition, for political ex­pediency disrespected the very basis of this nation’s democracy, its political integrity and in the process, he grossly disrespected its national Parliament. In ad­dition, Rowley cast criminal as­persions upon leading members of the then ruling People’s Part­nership Government’s political dispensation.

He perpetrated all the forego­ing in the absence of any support­able or credible evidence. In the absence of Rowley’s unsupported accusations the PNM might after the General Election of 2015 have remained in Opposition – to the overall advantage of the entire na­tion!
Referred to above, of course, are the crudely typed copies of several e/mails which Rowley claims to have found in his mailbox. The contents of those yet unsupported documents were calculated to in­criminate members of the elected administration, allegedly implicat­ed in a plot to murder a news re­porter. It was.presented with much publicity and fanfare in Parliament in 2013, timed in strategic proxim­ity to General Election of 2015. Thus was the Rowley PNM’s close victory assured!

A third world banana republic

It has taken 6 years of local in­vestigation before every e/mail provider has categorically de­clared that the e/.mails, the con­tents of which were triumphantly presented in Parliament by Row­ley, were completely without substance or foundation! Despite this an unrepentant PM Rowley not only refuses to apologise for attempting to deceive Parliament and incriminate his political Op­position, but in the face of all the embarrassing evidence he has the effrontery to insist that his unsup­portable allegations are not with­out foundation! Indeed, encour­aged, no doubt by the apparent ongoing immunity from the legal consequences of his slander and disrespect and faced with almost certain defeat in General Election of 2020, he is once more “trying trick to make luck”. On this occa­sion Rowley is boasting of a 2015 attempt by the Opposition to pur­chase his assassination for approx­imately $2 million! This nefarious plot was reportedly abandoned only after 2 alleged “hitmen re­fused the assignment and reported their offers to Rowley!.
The foregoing begs the question why, as the PM who had no diffi­culty in responding to fellow poli­tician Watson Duke’s unflattering reference to his “stink mouth” with the threat of sedition, not yet himself been similarly prosecuted for his own far more egregious of­fences and insults against the en­tire nation and its Parliament?
Until and unless, therefore, Keith Christopher Rowley has been forced to answer before a Court of Law for his politically expedient mischief in the nation’s Parliament T&T will remain in the eyes of the civilised world a poor­ly led violently and criminally in­clined third world banana republic in which there is one law for the rich and no justice for the poor – with little hope of improvement or redemption in sight!