By Brian G Stone
MBA, Business Consultant

Scapegoating is the act of blaming something, someone, or a group for something bad that has hap­pened or that someone else has done. It is a common weapon in the political armoury when politicians require an escape. Passing the blame to others for their mistakes, errors or wrongdoings by finding scape­goats is a politician’s dream­scape, and the Coronavirus is Rowley’s government’s ‘Game of Thrones’ scapegoat of decep­tion.

Coronavirus, adding insult to injury

Rowley’s ‘Game of Thrones’ is about seizing power to rule – in other words, winning the 2020 General Elections. PNM elec­tioneering fraud is planned by embedding campaign goodies and favours hidden in the Coro­navirus financial rescue pack­age in a covert operation to loot the treasury (raiding the HSF fund) in deceiving the electorate. Shamefully, the Prime Minister’s Coronavirus briefing was riddled with insulting language directed at Kamla to further his election campaigning. We the people are in full agreement to support the efforts in helping legitimate vic­tims infected and those affected by the economic fallout. How­ever, we condemn the Rowley regime for playing politics by failing to prevent the crisis in the first place. Just weeks ago, over 50,000 foreigners were allowed to enter our country for Carnival and consequently putting at risk our entire nation to infection and possible fatalities. The statistical probability of infections in T&T caused by the Carnival events is extrapolated by calculation to be greater than 1,000 persons infect­ed during Carnival (a hypotheti­cal calculation based on statisti­cal assumptions). Of course, to assume no infections from over 50,000 visitors is entirely foolish, reckless, and ill-advised.
The Rowley government dem­onstrated contempt for the Op­position when they rejected Ka­mla’s motion in Parliament to debate and treat the virus threat as serious, ‘important and ur­gent’, just weeks before last Wednesday’s declaration by the Prime Minister – who waited for Carnival to end before speak­ing – that our nation is now in an “emergency… a crisis”; and that “we are all in this together” as if the people caused the crisis. The motion by the opposition in rais­ing the alarm, citing the risks of a crisis of immediate “importance & urgency” was rejected by the PNM administration not once, but three times! Even the citizens in their tens of thousands ex­pressed their concern and pleaded with the government to postpone Carnival and protect the vulner­able. The voters too were denied and rejected by an inept, uncar­ing government! Yes, three times the Rowley regime refused to do anything about containing the virus- virtually no actions were taken. They negligently ignored the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations and the examples of other countries shutting down events.
Already the suffering is at our doorstep with 7 infected cases, a crippled economy and many peo­ple’s livelihoods devastated… and it’s likely to get worse! We pray our little nation is spared!!
To add insult to injury, the PNM politicians have concocted a smart-man scheme to abuse the grief and distress of our people in crisis to defraud the peoples’ treasury for their profiteering by electioneering benefits. Much like price-gouging by unscrupu­lous businessmen at the expense of poor and advantaged citizens, Rowley’s regime went into ac­tion with a sneaky, shrewd and corrupt mastermind plot to access the (protected) HSF multi-bil­lion-dollar fund to pay for their election gimmickry of monetary handouts, gifts and favours to buy popularity, to win votes, and to ultimately mask the crisis they elevated by playing the white knight that rescued the nation.

Coronavirus imports is not the enemy

The deadly virus is not the en­emy. The reckless negligence by this failed government for not containing it is! The mismanage­ment of our economy over four years has resulted in devastat­ing our homeland security. The chaos resulting from four years of incompetence has delivered a ruined state of affairs evidenced by failed state institutions, high unemployment, falling educa­tion, inadequate health services, crumbling infrastructure, high crime and a horrific record of un­caring policies that failed to bet­ter the lives of our people- except the PNM administration’s hier­archy of politicians, privileged financiers, friends and family, everyone else is feeling the sting of a totalitarian regime fixated on selfish profiteering, greed, and power. The enemy is indeed a virus, not the Coronavirus, but Rowley’s political virus that has infected our culture, our pride, our status as a progressive na­tion, our way of life, and every­thing sweet T&T accomplished over the years – destroyed in four Rowley years of disastrous gov­ernance and political warfare victimizing everyone that stands on patriotic grounds that opposes them for a better T&T. He even destroyed the PNM statesman, the honourable Patrick Manning. The enemy is within, not foreign, not “imported”!

Coronavirus desperate lifeline

Judging from the government ministers’ hidden lines of com­munication, especially their tac­tical deception to blame (scape­goating) the desperate situation of a bankrupt economy, exempli­fied by the Minister of Finance’s revelations of a five billion dollar deficit and dangerous public debt balances (the highest deficit and recorded debt in T&T’s history), the Rowley regime is attempting to deflect their four years of fail­ures by falsely using the cover of an imported Coronavirus as a lifeline to escape their account­ability for a failed state under their watch. If this isn’t a sinister political scheme in practice, what is? I have to hand it to the PNM strategists, their mastermind scheming to fool the people in blaming imported causes (includ­ing the imported oil price war be­tween Saudi Arabia and Russia) for their numerous failures and our miseries may work to mislead and con the electorate in the next General Election. Not surpris­ingly the Maduro government and even Guyana’s APNU/AFC party attempted political coup to steal an election would congratu­late their PNM partners in crime for their cunning (and infamously brilliant) trickery to win an elec­tion by de facto legalizing fraud and deception by questionable, but hidden, pseudo-legal design.
“Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.”- Niccolo Machiavelli
In practice, who in need in these desperate times will not ac­cept all (politically engineered) handouts to buy voter confi­dence for Rowley’s re-election? Who will not feed on the politi­cal scraps? Well, it failed in the Local Elections when they were defeated, and it will fail again in the next General Elections, we hope. After all, their narrative is that its not Rowley’s PNM re­gime fault we are in crisis, it’s the Coronavirus fault we the people are suffering from – is that not the PNM truth? Is it not truth­ful when Prime Minister Rowley himself declared that Petrotrin will not close down? The truth, when exposed, indicts them all, all, all, all… in the iconic PNM words, “all ah we (PNM govern­ment) tief.”

Rowley’s government is on life support

The truth is, and the facts prove, that Rowliar fooled the people with his atrocious lies of false EmailGate conspiracies ac­cusing Kamla/the Opposition of conspiring to murder a journal­ist – the people were fooled! He lied about the past administration emptying the treasury as his gov­ernment budget spending proved the treasury was well funded and the HSF funds increased un­der Kamla’s leadership – but yet again, the people were fooled! He lied about creating jobs when unemployment multiplied in the tens of thousands.
He lied when only last year his Finance Minister declared the economy has turned around, yet the country’s debt grew to mon­strous levels as they spend, spend and spend while wheeling and dealing.
They hid from the public the secretive deals of PNM’s NCB Global finance network of op­erations where State Enterprises grew their indebtedness by bor­rowing from the PNM ‘Young’ family-controlled company backed by the foreign billionaire who allegedly orchestrated, with the Minister of Finance’s approv­al, the buy-out of T&T’s leading Insurance firm, GHL, for three hundred million dollars less than the highest bidder.
Reality reveals what politi­cians and financiers hide, and again the people were fooled! As we speak, under the blinds of a Coronavirus-distracted public, the carcass of CL Financial assets are being sold to the PNM Boyz-in-the-hood network of friends and family. Life support to the wealthy for PNM election financ­ing and profiteering gone wild!!

Rowley’s totalitarian bullying

If our democracy, our free­doms, and our rights are to sur­vive, power-hungry totalitarian regimes must fall. The Opposi­tion in our Westminster parlia­mentary system is a constitution­al foundation pillar duty-bound to question government and hold government accountable on be­half of all citizens, representing the people to maintain a balance of power and to police the abuse of power.
“The goal of the blame game is not to enlighten, but to weaken the Opposition by pushing it on to the defensive.”- Daily Times
This government’s plot to weaken, to shut down the Oppo­sition by any means, by decep­tion at any cost is a grave viola­tion of our constitutional values and principles, and it threatens the very foundation guaranteeing the protection of our way of life. Our constitutional rights are un­der threat! Is this what you will vote for?
We, the people, cannot accept, shall not be fooled, will not be conned or be misled by lies, de­ceptions, and political trickery to blame our current failed state of affairs and decaying homeland on a PNM hoax of imports of viruses and oil price wars.
We reject the false narrative and scapegoat blasphemy blam­ing the past administration for this government’s dreadful per­formance for four years and con­tinuing. We’re not voting for that!
In dealing with the devil, fat­tened by way of corruption, feast­ing on power-hungry spoils, the (PNM government) party is over and its time to ‘pay the devil’ his due. The PNM’s defeat is over­due!