I have been ignoring the PNM Road Map 22 com­mittee because I saw it for what it was. Political posturing and a chance to eat ah food. No, it’s not right, but it is what it is.

Needing to create such a com­mittee while having a Cabinet of presumably capable and compe­tent Cabinet Ministers begs a lot of questions as to the competence of those Ministers, so miss me with the Vasant Bharath political prostitution and the bullshit about wanting to help.
He doesn’t.
There is not one person on that committee who is there for Trini­dad. Every single one of them is there for his or her advancement and agenda.
Vasant lost out early in the chal­lenge for the leadership game to a vindictive Kamla Persad-Bissessar, now burnt twice by his opportun­ism, and has been looking for a po­litical home for a while. Like many others incapable of building ‘the new’ they pay so much lip service to, hitching a ride was always go­ing to be the next best thing. His Covid-19 government supporting video was the human equivalent of dogs sniffing each other’s butts for danger.

Think of the Optics

Having successfully sniffed Dr Keith Rowley’s, this ‘appointment’ is Rowley sniffing back.
For his part, Rowley would be a fool to miss the opportunity to ‘snatch’ one of Kamla’s ‘Indians’ and a chance to send him to fight the St. Augustine seat, a seat the PNM is already sure to lose so nothing ventured, nothing gained.
But think of the optics in the poli­tics of ‘one-upmanship’ that seems to tickle the cheap seats and the low information voters that surround those parties.
But back to the Committee vs the Cabinet. How is this not redun­dancy?
Put a simpler way, ALL that we have gone through respond­ing to Covid-19 should have been modelled and prepared for in each Ministry on the front line. More importantly, from the moment the economy was shut down, tech­nocrats in Finance and Planning should have been pressed into ser­vice using existing experiential models and new projections to cre­ate realities for our situation, plan­ning for the credit infusion that the restart will surely require.
And that’s it.

Access to government’s contract

We’ve been mothballed for weeks, not years.
We understand social distancing and how to wear a mask.
Demand is there. Labour is there. Credit is required.
To what end do these now 23 minds get pressed into service out­side of that?
A new model to sell fast food ex­perience?
How else to exploit and parlay access to government to get con­tracts?
What next to do politically to dumb the simple-minded down into believing that a security guard ‘wuk’ is a career?
Everything that Trinidad needs (and Tobago to an extent) is al­ready known and exists outside the exploitation of the Contract Mafia friends of the PNM and UNC.
Creating more committees of names and faces is simple politics. Do not read anything else into it.
I would be surprised if their recommendations are of any value beyond rehashed double-speak and sound-bites that make it sound as if there is a plan and the government know what it is doing.
Honour the pimp/John agree­ment and confidentiality relation­ship, take your endorsements, blow them up to larger than life, and play them for the media.
In that regard, Vasant, like many of the other faces in that crowd, is perfect for that post, no disrespect intended to the bunch of hopeless opportunists and ‘names’ for hire.