The departure of Robert Le Hunte after what is al­leged to be “Professional Conflict on Policy Positions” signals the beginning of the end of the Rowley administration. It seems to be collapsing, right before our eyes, even before the date General Election 2020 is an­nounced.

Hunte’s departure comes at a time when the national community is calling on the Prime Minister to fire Stuart Young for gross indis­cretion in the lies, he continues to perpetuate surrounding the visit of Delcy Rodriguez, Vice president of Venezuela.
Everything is pointing to a Gov­ernment that is in crisis as citizens wait with some fear and trepidation to see if the sanctions that will be imposed by the United States of America would be so austere as to bring our country to its knees; or whether the global powerhouse would simply target those who de­cided to align with foes of its coun­try.
Surely, we have been through similar paths under a PNM admin­istration then led by Patrick Man­ning which, on May 24, 2010, re­sulted in Kamlamania, that brought a premature end to the then PNM’s rule; lies, deceit and the betrayal of the people will never be counte­nanced by our citizens.
There is a saying that history re­peats itself and what goes around comes around, and if Monday Ex­press’ description of the infighting that took place at the last Cabinet meeting is correct then Dr Rowley came face to face with himself.
It was behaviour symptomatic to Patrick Manning’s coinage of the infamous ‘Raging Bull” a metaphor used to describe Keith Rowley’s behaviour in his Cabinet; behav­iour that Mr Manning indicated that his administration was not prepared to tolerate and it is the same kind of behaviour that drove Dr Rowley to accept the resignation of Le Hunte.

Manning’s decision

It was Manning’s decision that became the catalyst for the fall of his Government. It was the cata­lyst for calling a snap election and the reason why he was humiliated and driven off the Balisier House compound like a dog, especially by Rowley’s supporters, when he lost the 2010 General Election to the People’s Partnership.
There are many similarities at this time. There was the unholy al­liance with Patrick Manning and Calder Hart as suggested by Row­ley which angered the national community. Despite alleged cor­rupt acts, then Prime Minister Man­ning stoutly defended Calder Hart and when the tide had eventually turned, he provided information to allow him to escape our shores without having to answer for the alleged wrongs that he committed.
In 2020, we again have a PNM Prime Minister, who in the face of a plethora of lies and wrongdoing from a senior member of Cabinet – lies which have our nation currently perched on the edge of anarchy and despite the calls to rid the country of this albatross – like Patrick Man­ning of 2010, he refuses to budge. It seems as though every PNM Prime Minister has a great white hope or someone that looks the part.
This may be an omen to indicate that the end is near and to warn Ka­mla Persad-Bissessar to get ready because it will be only her failure to show a sense of preparedness, a sense of unity, that will allow Dr Keith Rowley a second chance to further destroy our nation.

The House of Keith

All is not well in the House of Keith and many Government Min­isters are speaking quietly in closed quarters and backrooms about this unholy alliance between Keith and Stuart. While they do not want the PNM to lose the elections, they would like to see an end to this re­lationship that continues to threaten this nation.
One can only compare the speed with which the Prime Minister ac­cepted the resignation of Robert Le Hunte and the procrastination in­volved in being decisive on Stuart Young. It brings many questions of race, association and status, among others to the fore. It leaves one to wonder why is it that he is so happy to see the back of Le Hunte, which according to what we know was simply a matter of providing water for all the people in Trinidad and Tobago.
Why would Le Hunte get so an­gry if the Cabinet refuses to act on a Note prepared by him to force him to tender his resignation? It is not the first time that a Cabinet has re­jected a Note from a Minister and it will not be the last, so why the explosive venting that suggests an act of disrespect to the people that was elected to govern in 2015?
This seems to be pent-up anger because Le Hunte gives off an aura of calm assurance, confidence and patience; and one who is not easily ruffled.

Rowley’s Cabinet is on edge

A large cross-section of Row­ley’s Cabinet is on edge. Their language and diction before the national community portray arro­gance and disbelief which suggests that they are uncomfortable with their leadership.
Dr Rowley has sufficient time to save his Government because just as he fired Marlene McDon­ald twice, the first time for issues for which there were insufficient pieces of evidence, so too he could terminate Stuart Young for misbe­haviour in public office for which the evidence is most glaring. But then Marlene’s skin was probably of the wrong hue.
Dr Rowley could swing the tide and apologise to the people of Trinidad and Tobago for Young’s wrongs and indiscretions and then get rid of him.
We may, however, be unaware of the secrets they hold for each other that have them joined at the hip in victory or defeat just as Manning was with Calder Hart. For this rea­son, this Rowley administration is sure to collapse.
We know Le Hunte is probably not telling the whole truth as evi­denced by his grovelling to Rowley in an attempt to be selected as the candidate for the La Brea constitu­ency to maintain the status quo of confidentiality within the Cabinet and not provide the real reason for his resignation.
However, such a poor decision will no doubt lead to his downfall even if he were selected because when he stood up and resigned, the people saw in him a real man, not one of straw.
All were grateful that within the Rowley administration there was one who possessed the strength of character to stand and walk away when he felt that the behaviour of his Prime Minister went against his conscience and value system.
We thought we did not have a “yes” man. It seems though the lure to power is too great and rather than posture as a champion of the people he collapsed into the way of all flesh searching for a path that would lead him once again into the good graces of Rowley.
Many within this Cabinet have secretly expressed discomfort with the Rowley and Young relationship but who are prepared to suppress their conscience and accept it for their financial and social security. These are the ones who would leak information to the media to attempt to bring a terminal end to this Row­ley administration that has become an embarrassment to all of us.
The collapse is real and Row­ley’s only trump card will be to bite the bullet and send Young packing before it is too late.