People are saying that Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley should take a page out of Grenada’s PM Dr. Keith Mitchell’s book about ar­rogance.

Dr. Mitchell, who was speak­ing during a recent radio cricket interview in Barbados about the “attitudinal” change of the new Ricky Skerritt-led Cricket West Indies (CWI) administration says it is a “fundamental” departure from “arrogance” which marked the previous Dave Cameron leadership.
He said: “the attitudinal change has been the most fundamental. In anything you’re doing in life, I always say in the politics I’m involved in, humility is a major plus – a major part of success.”
“We got lost easily as politi­cians by demonstrating arro­gance in power and if you’re in business you demonstrate arro­gance you will suffer,” Dr. Mitch­ell explained.
Some observers claim that Rowley is saddled with arro­gance. Others say that he is arro­gance personified and if he con­tinues to get on his high “horse” and behave in a particular way he will suffer the consequences.
They say Rowley does not know about humility and easily gets “hot under the collar” when faced with criticisms.
Many viewers criticized his be­haviour last week in Parliament when he clashed with Opposition MP Dr. Roodlal Moonilal over the new Tobago airport terminal which could end up costing tax­payers more than $1.7 billion dollars for an island of fewer than 60,000 people and more than twice the cost of the Piarco In­ternational airport in an island of 1.2million people
In his answer to Dr. Moonilal, Dr. Rowley began shouting and pointing at him saying “you could say what you want. The people will get their facility,” causing the Speaker to call for an order. Wow! Wow! Wow!