People are saying that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley should see a psy­chiatrist since he has been ex­hibiting some “strange” behav­iour for some time now.
And the pressure from the upcoming Local and General Elec­tions could take a toll on him since he is trying every “trick in the book” to come out victorious.
They are saying that the Op­position UNC and its Leader Ka­mla Persad-Bissessar have been playing on Rowley’s mind that is why he is always talking about corruption and more corruption in the former PP administration over the years which appears to be affecting him mentally.
Concerned PNM supporters say that Rowley should seek some help from Psychiatrist Sen­ator Dr Varma Deyalsingh.
People who have been observ­ing Rowley speaking in Parlia­ment, and in the public, say that he appears to have an anxiety prob­lem by the way he is fidgety and sweating.
He may also be hallucinating about a US$2 million plan to as­sassinate him four years ago.
Rowley on the eve of the Local Government Election has revealed that there were two “hits” puts on his life before the 2015 General Election while he was the Opposi­tion Leader.
But some political observers are saying that calling “hits” on politicians in T&T, if true, is noth­ing new as there have been many threats on the lives of those who hold public office over the years.
People are taking the threat on Rowley’s life and AG Faris al-Rawi with a pinch of salt. This is an election season. The silly season.
They are saying if those threats were made through a cell phone how come the Police Cyber Crime Unit or Special Branch cannot trace the calls. And, furthermore, why the persons who had told Rowley that they refused to do the hits on him were never reported to the police?
People are even asking who, in their right mind, will pay $2M USD to have Rowley assassinated?