Citizens may recall that a couple of years ago there were two heists of mon­ey which were destined for the Central Bank. One heist was at the ANR Robinson Airport in Tobago and the other was at the Piarco International airport.

Only the drivers of both trucks were arrested and charged. Up to the time of writing, no one knows what has become of the two driv­ers and their charges nor of the heists. No one has been arrested to date. No one, especially at the higher level, was even held ac­countable. Investigations on the two matters were conducted in the USA and Europe.
Quite recently it was observed that notes from the two heists be­gan circulating locally which had the potential to destabilise both the government and the country. As a consequence, the govern­ment recalled all the old $100 dol­lar bills and gave holders of these bills a very limited time – two weeks – to turn them into local banks. This small window frus­trated all especially the elderly.
After December 31st, all hold­ers of the old $100 bills have to exchange them at the Central Bank where they are then asked to explain the source of the money. Depending on the amount of old money one brings in, the Bank will refer the holder to a panel from the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) which panel will then conduct a very rigorous interview.
There are rumours that the ex­ercise has exposed many persons to charges of money laundering and that following the March 31st deadline many arrests will
be made.