Many years ago, during the hear­ing of an impor­tant case involving several legal problems two distin­guished lawyers were fo­cussing attention on the views of each other rather than on the issues at hand. At that stage the learned Judge said “here are two legal luminaries, put them on together and there is complete darkness”. I re­fer to the foregoing in the context of proceedings in Parliament, the highest court in the land, where on many occasions one wonders whether these prominent law makers “put on together” result in complete darkness.

People seem to be groping in the darkness of crime, loss of jobs, spiralling food prices, domestic violence and young people falling into the hands of the criminal ele­ment and yet those entrusted with the responsibility to govern by making laws for the people’s ben­efit and good governance do not adhere to the cries and need of the people, rather they seem to be con­cerned with verbally bashing each other at any given opportunity.
To use the words of a calyp­sonian: “in Parliament, they only kick sing”. Fortunately, for most, if not all of us, a light shone in the Parliament when Her Excellency the President addressed the House of Representatives on the morn­ing of Friday 24th January 2020. Among other things, she asked the members of the House to find so­lutions to the country’s problems, in other words, to govern.
The question one has to ask is do those in power govern or do they rule? Do they work for the common good of the people?
To rule means “to exercise governing or controlling author­ity over a people”: to govern is” “to direct and control the actions, affairs, policies and functions of a nation”. One can observe that there is a distinction between rul­ing and governing. The first is to exercise authority the other is to direct and control affairs policies and functions.

They are exemplars for the young and the old

In essence, in Her Excellen­cy’s address she puts on a light to open the eyes of the members of Parliament to the fact that the na­tion is hurting and there is an ur­gent need to demonstrate concern, sober thinking, discipline good behaviour and deep reflection “to the needs of a population crying out for help. It must be noted that proceedings in Parliament are tele­vised and on radio, and that many including the youth look at the Parliamentary channel. It seems as though several members of Parlia­ment do not realise that they are exemplars for the young and the old and that their behaviour may be patterned by many who, when in positions of authority, become authoritative, quasi-dictatorial and controlling.
The examples are many who fol­low the dictates of Eric Williams (see the articles of TG Mendes)for example:” who is not with me is my enemy; when I talk let no damn dog bark; if you don’t like it get to hell out of here.” Basdeo Panday: “politics has a morality of its own; wake me when it is over; I will sleep with the devil to get rid of the PNM (what a piece of nonsense!); and, in recent times Dr Rowley‘s statements.
Many agree that Her Excel­lency is indeed an emissary of the people. Several say she is a true patriot who has deep concern “for all of us especially the “downtrod­den”. The question is will those who have listened to her take no­tice of what was said to them, in fact to all of us.
One must conclude that our President is a true patriot.
Week after week the Sunshine today through articles has been cautioning, warning advising and suggesting methods to re­solve problems but it seems as though many read without un­derstanding and refuse to ac­cept constructive criticism. They just sit in their “ivory towers “and sulk or on political plat­forms call writers unsavoury names or deem them political opponents.
The Sunshine Today will con­tinue to be a light in the darkness showing us the way to a better future. .We must be true patriots putting God and country first, not by words but by deeds.