People are saying

People want to know how much it is costing the PNM campaign for the December 2 Local Govern­ment Elections after seeing the television and radio coverage of a public meeting in Tuna­puna last Thursday night.
Several television and radio stations carried the PNM meet­ing at Exodus Pan Yard, Tunapu­na “live” and there was a repeat the following night on TV6.
Many observers are saying that the Government has been in office for the past four years and has delayed passing the prom­ised campaign finance reform.
The PNM is expected to spend millions in this year’s Local Government Election on tradi­tional media advertisements, po­litical meetings, sound systems, jerseys, flyers and the distribu­tion of manifestos and flyers to lure voters to the polls.
Political observers are hoping that campaign financé reform will come before next year’s General Election.
However, there are reports that the UNC will be spending less money than the PNM, whose advantage is that they are now in government and have access both directly and indirectly to the public purse.
People are still waiting to find out the amount of money the PNM made from the ten new SUV’s used for the raffle to rebuild Balisi­er House. They want to know how many tickets were sold. Many of them also want to know who were the winners of the luxury cars.