Dear Editor,

Through your widely read newspaper, we the people of Point Fortin are kindly asking you to save Point Fortin.
Having read in your newspa­per recently that Wayne Kublals­ingh had come to your office and asked you to save Trinidad & Tobago, we are rushing here and now to beg you to start by saving Point Fortin first.
Point Fortin is no longer the haven that it used to be. Unem­ployment is well over 40% and among the youths, it is as high as 60%. Everything in Point Fortin is either closing down or has al­ready closed down.
Can you imagine that Point Fortin, the home of oil and gas, does not even have a Quik Shoppe gas station as in other communi­ties? Does not even a proper shoe store? Sport here is dead for we are not even the home of football anymore.
Take a drive down here, Mr Warner, and see for yourself and please tell us together how we can save Point Fortin.

A completely fed-up PointFortin villager