PATIENTS END UP DEAD! …waiting for 3 years to get special tests done at Mt Hope


Poor people who cannot afford expensive private medical care and need im­portant tests to be done have to wait for up to three years to four years to get either a CT scan, MIR or Echocardiogram. Many of them have even died before they can get their appointments.

This is one of the sad stories coming out from the Eric Wil­liams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) at Mt Hope where pa­tients are put on a long list for ur­gent tests at the institution.
Take the case of Valentine Reyes of Calvary Hill, Arima, who has been suffering from a heart prob­lem for some years and had been attending the cardiac clinic since 2016.
In 2017 after his condition be­gan to deteriorate, he had to un­dergo an echocardiogram to deter­mine whether he had any clogged arteries but to his surprise, he was given an appointment for August 20, 2020, at 11.30 am- some three years and eight months later.
But as fate had it Reyes died last year without getting the test done, which tests may have saved his life, according to a relative.
Then there is another case of patient Anson Lakhan, who is suffering from stomach and liver problems. He was referred by a doctor at the institution last year to join the Gastro clinic and he has been given an appointment for noon on May 9, 2023, to been seen by a consultant at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. Yes, dear readers, in this land where money is no problem for the res­toration of old buildings, patients have to wait years for a simple medical examination. Lakhan has to undergo a CT scan and a num­ber of other tests.
These are just two of the cases that have come to the fore but there are many more patients who are suffering and may not live to get the three- and four-years’ ap­pointments given to them to get their tests done.
People are asking Health Min­ister Terrence Deyalsingh since he took office more than four years ago what has he done to improve the health care service, which is a disaster in the country.
Patients still have to wait for two and three days on a stretcher at the Accident and Emergency Department at Mt Hope to get a bed on a Ward.
This ward should never be called an Emergency Department because nothing is an emergency there.
People say that our health care has been deteriorating because there are not enough consultants to attend to the hundreds of cases at the various clinics at Mt Hope.
They say Health Minister Ter­rence Deyalsingh has done a poor job in the health service and all he has been doing is PR for his