Northern Police Officers call on COP DEADLY DEAL Female Officer links up with high-risk prisoner

TRINIDAD’S Police Commissioner Gary Griffith. (Express)


Northern Division police officers are calling for a female officer (name withheld) with links to a high-risk prisoner to be disciplined.

It is alleged that the female of­ficer is involved in a relationship with a senior colleague (name withheld).
Disgruntled police officers say the situation has caused low morale among colleagues.
One police officer advised that some officers close to the senior colleague are having a field day in Tunapuna.
“ The officers close to the se­nior officer drink alcohol, eat and lime together regularly.
“The senior officer believes whatever his female lover tells him whether it is true or false,” said a source.
It is alleged that the female of­ficer traffics illegal items for the high-risk prisoner.
“Instead of disciplining her for trafficking, senior police officers overlooked the issue and instead transferred her to another station in the Division.
Sources say the female officer’s son, who is affiliated with the high-risk prisoner, is imprisoned on charges of gun and ammuni­tion possession and shooting with intent.
The disgruntled source said
the Woman Police Constable (WPC) uses her influence to in­timidate others.
Police officers say a full-scale investigation should be launched on both the female and her male lover.
“Officers of the Northern Divi­sion do not feel to work because of this problem,” said an officer.
They are calling on Com­missioner of Police (CoP) Gary Griffith to quickly address the is­sue.