By STEVE ALVAREZ DPTT Political Leader

We are no less than the trees and the stars, we have a right to be here.

The golden sun rises over the calm morning sea, changing the waves from grey to a beautiful shiny silver that slowly turns to gold. The sky in tandem with the sun changes its colours while the rhythm of the waves transforms the early morning into a musical theatre. Greeting the early morn­ing are the numerous birds sing­ing sweetly as the chickens shout at the top of their voice awaking all that dared to sleep through the early morning.
The bees are already buzzing collecting their nectar while com­pleting nature’s miracle of fertil­ization to feed the many animals that depend on new fruits and vegetables for their existence. The flowers are immaculately created with their velvet touch, sweet smells and intricate combi­nation of colours that are pleasing to the eyes. Animals big, small and minute all welcome a new day and the challenges it brings. Nature is perfect in every detail. The details that causes the bright yellow of the bird and the contrast with the black stripes are no less than the stripes on the Zebra or the complex patters on the shell of a conch.

See how far we have moved away

How then can such a won­derfThe very nature that went into all this detail to make the plants and animals took no less time to create man. This creature no less than the trees and the stars can dance to music, sing like a bird and has the ability to see in low light as well as brilliant sun. The sense of touch, the emotion of love, the joy of laughter and the tears of pain were all intri­cately positioned to allow man to realize that he is a wonderful creation.
ul creature, destroy the environ­ment, desecrate nature and gener­ate so much hate and dislike that he strikes out at another man like himself ending that person’s exis­tence on earth?
What kind of individual looks at the wonderful creation of man and rather than celebrate the minor differences in hair texture, colour, language and culture seeks to harm and dominate a fellow human? What kind of person or group of persons extract wealth from the masses and build luxurious houses that they cannot ever occupy, pur­chase cars with no roads to drive them effectively on, possesses boats that spend most of its time an­chored or in the shed while turning a blind eye to the suffering of the many?
What sector of society places its priority on major projects for their friends with costs that bear no resemblance to reality while ignoring projects like water distri­bution that would allow the poor to do basics like take a shower, wash their clothes and cook food?
What kind of people claim to be religious, spiritual, intelligent athe­ists, nature lovers or areligious but harbour deep convictions that see them vote along racial lines while claiming to not be racial? It’s us.

2020 is an opportunity to change things around

We are the very people that pro­claim that we love all our people, that we love calypso, soca, chut­ney and pan but minimally sup­port the arts. We are the people that live in a land where in the last ten years we had a mur­der rate of over three hundred a
Stop! Look in the mirror and see how far we have moved away from that wonderful creature that nature created to emerge, wicked, evil, jealous, envious, filled with hate and lacking compassion.
2020 is an opportunity to change things around. We can repair the dirty, ugly towns and villages and carefully emulate the beauty of creation with clean environment, friendliness and love. We can learn to love again, to care again and to respect each other. We can end the nonsensical, destructive habit of racial voting and unite un­der one political party, one whose symbol of the hummingbird and hibiscus reminds us of the beauty of the land we are privileged to inherit.
We can join with Steve Alvarez and the DPTT and transform ev­ery home into a party office, make every family gathering a cottage meeting as we gather the best from among us to form the next govern­ment. Together we can make Trini­dad & Tobago safe and wonderful.
Alternatively, we can find some excuse to continue voting along racial lines and pretend its more than just that.