NATIONALS MAROONED OVERSEAS …as darkness looms over our country


The article in last Sun­shine Today by Mr. Jack Warner is pow­erful and necessary and it is a pity the none of the three daily newspapers has seen it fit to comment on the situation.

The people in Margarita have been begging to come home for over a week before the closure of our TT border, as the airline that took them there stopped all flights.
Minister of National Security, Stuart Young claims that the rea­son for not sending for them was that the Venezuala border was closed.
However, T&T has good re­lations with that country and our Prime Minister has boasted that he and its President are good friends, so surely they he could have reached out to Maduro, or Young could have contacted the Venezuelan Government directly or through its embassy in Port of Spain.
But checks with the embassy have revealed that no such con­tact has been made and officials there do not want to comment, as they do not want to embarrass our Government.
It is interesting that the Gov­ernment was able to facilitate the return of 68 nationals from Gua­deloupe, while not budging on the pleas of the people in Margarita, but talk is that the trip to Gua­deloupe for an event there was organized in Trinidad by a party official, possibly a Minister of the Government.
Then CAL was able to put on a flight from Toronto to Piarco and two subsequent flights from other countries. Air Canada was allowed to fly in to evacuate Ca­nadian nationals (many of whom are T&T nationals also) and Brit­ish Airways was give permission for flights to Piarco on Mar 23, 24 and 26, to pick up British na­tionals and take them back to the
Another 35 TT nationals landed in Barbados on a BA flight on the 23rd, but have to stay there because T&T would not let them
The Barbados Government took the humanitarian decision to allow them to stay in that country, which makes the T&T Govern­ment look really bad and lacking in compassion.
This is the same Government that spent over $5 million for medical attention in the USA for one of its Ministers.
It should be noted that the BA plane that took the TT nationals to Barbados was allowed to fly to Piarco to pick up UK citizens a few hours later.
The Minister of National Secu­rity said that people were warned about travel out of the country since early February, because of the spread of the virus, yet after that first advisory, the country re­ceived over 200,000 visitors from as many as 22 other countries for Carnival and our own Prime Min­ister went to the UK, Ghana and Guyana and also never saw it fit to quarantine himself and went to his office and attended Parlia­ment sittings and Cabinet meet­ings in close quarters with other people, on each occasion after his
Even though some people may have made an unwise decision to travel out of the country after the advisory, it is highly likely that those travel arrangements were made months or weeks prior to the advisory and then those peo­ple would hardly have thought that the border would have been closed before the scheduled date of their return.
Something is seriously wrong when one compares the various decisions and situations men­tioned above and now, true to the Trini penchant for guttersnipe thinking, we have people taking what appears to be a political side in support of the Govern­ment’s decisions, making rather strong, crude comments in the process.
Who knows, maybe those people might find out the power of Karma and find themselves in a similar or worse situation one day.
May God help our country, as so much darkness looms over it, apart from COVID-19
Totally Fed Up