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Scores of motorists who were slapped with a $2,000 fine by the Transit Police last Monday morning for the illegal use of the Pri­ority Bus Route (PBR) when drivers were caught in gridlock traffic from the Uriah Butler Highway to Port of Spain to get into the City are going to con­test the tickets in the courts.
Many people are saying that drivers were under the impres­sion that they can use the PBR after a local radio station an­nounced that it was open due to a fatal crash on the Beetham Highway.
Just after 4 am a white Nissan X-Trail collided with a dump truck on the Westbound lane, re­sulting in the death of a woman and four others seriously injured in the collision. A soldier later died at hospital.
Reports are that the woman and her friends were returning from a Halloween party which took place earlier that night.
The accident led to a morning traffic nightmare for motorists, as the gridlock traffic crawled along the East-West corridor, which was backed up to the Uriah Butler Highway and along the CR High­way.
However, the Ministry of Works & Transport later put out a release denying that the PBR was open to the public after scores of driv­ers had already decided to use the alternative route when they were stopped by the police.
Some four hours after the acci­dent the Ministry advised motor­ists to delay their travel but there were thousands of drivers already on the highway and they were un­able to turn back
However, some people are say­ing that the police should have used their discretion and advised motorists to turn back instead of issuing them tickets. People are saying that as far as the PBR is concerned the Transit Police there have no common sense as they recall that a husband who was transporting his pregnant wife who was about to deliver her baby was charged for using the PBR and was sent back in the heavy traffic on the E/M Road.
Motorists were slapped with a$2,000 fine by the Transit Police