Ministry Employee gives birth to a boy… PLAYBOY MINISTER!



A very senior Cabinet Min­ister in the Rowley admin­istration is alleged to be in an intimate relationship with a Senior Legal Counsel in his min­istry. The woman in question is also alleged to have given birth to a child (a boy) for this Minister. Pictures of the child and mother have been dropped in our mail­box. Rumours have it that other women are also intimately in­volved with the Minister whose Ministry is now dubbed the “Ministry of Intimate Affairs.”

Employees at the ministry are worried about their job status as this long-term love relationship has become the burden of the staff at the Ministry as the woman in ques­tion spends her time idly interfer­ing in departments, wielding power and victimizing employees, while ultimately hindering the progress of the Ministry’s work, especially work of a legal nature.
Employees at this Ministry have stated that this information has been brought to the public’s atten­tion but the seniority of this Minis­ter prevents any action from being taken against the lady lawyer.
“It is frightening and discon­certing”, employees said, “that a holder of high public office could be influenced and encouraged to maintain this behaviour in a work public environment”. Another employee stated that the Ministry becomes unworkable and toxic whenever the Minister is away since the lady lawyer arrogates onto herself many of the functions of the absentee Minister.
It is also alleged that this lady lawyer is not the only one the Min­ister has set his eyes upon nor with whom he sleeps. There is an elite clique within the Ministry that is comprised of privileged employ­ees all of whom are of “a certain racial” background. This elite group scowls at other employees and members of the public while at the same time awarding perks and privileges to the undeserving. The Minister in question publicly displays his biasness towards the lady lawyer in question. Workers say that the Minister’s paramour then uses that power to intimidate, “a monstrous and beastly arm.”
She has an elite clique who maintains her secret to gain certain perks and privileges.
The Minister is one of those who is regularly seen in our dailies.