Warning! My commen­tary is a warning about our country’s danger­ous path. We’re falling off a cliff into a Maduro-styled authoritar­ian rule. In theory, Trinidad and Tobago operates under the West­minster parliamentary system of government. The Opposition, by constitutional law, has a duty and responsibility to represent the people by questioning the gov­ernment of the day and holding them accountable.

In practice, the first line of de­fence of parliamentary democracy is not constitutional law, because laws can be legislated, amended, and changed. The first line of de­fence is the duly elected Parlia­mentary Opposition, the only leg­islative safeguard against abuse of power by a government.
In support of my commentary, that true democracy demands an Opposition, I submit a declara­tion from the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly, which in 2008 stated, and I quote, “Every country has a government, only de­mocracies have an opposition”.
“Every country has a govern­ment, only democracies have an opposition.” How does that state­ment relate to T&T? A critical re­view of T&T’s Parliament records, the Hansard, reveals in detail the PNM Government’s deliberate and dangerous abuse of Parliamentary process which ultimately abates, shuts out, diminishes, and obstructs the Opposition’s role in a spiteful act of abuse of power. By reason and deduction, it is clear that this government is a grave threat to our democracy, and to our way of life.
“Every country has a govern­ment, only democracies have an opposition.” These words resonate when democracies fall. My coun­trymen, fellow citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, lend me your ears so you can judge the PNM rulers, as I argue my case. I accuse this PNM government and indict the Rowley regime on charges of constitutional conspiracy to sabotage and under­mine the legitimate Opposition, and by extension the very constitu­tional foundation our country was built on.

History records PNM wrongdoing for over 40 years of rule

I also prosecute in the court of public opinion, Rowley’s govern­ment for betraying our people, and prostituting our democracy to the bullying of authoritarian rule. Au­thoritarian democracy is defined as a form of democracy directed by a ruling elite… and by definition, and practice, are we not ruled by the 1% elite? The evidence of this govern­ment’s conspiracies is everywhere, cloaked in a barrage of never-end­ing lies.
The PNM political vernacular of misinformation, corruption, brib­ery, coercion, and fake news against anyone who opposes them, goes to the extreme, every election year. Their modus operandi resurfaces the ugliness of racism, in recycling false fears that sink Calcutta Ships and by drowning innocent brothers and sisters under the whips of PNM fear-mongering.
Balisier whips that chain politi­cal slaves of colour, to vote against the recalcitrant minority, is not only disgusting and reprehensible, but it’s also a racist vote, an ungodly act, perpetrated by an ugly regime bent on manipulation and bribery for power and greed. Such acts are destroying our homeland. History records PNM’s wrongdoing for over 40 years of rule, and the vi­ciousness against the Opposition is a matter of public record. Without an Opposition, tyranny finds breed­ing ground.
Many persons fear this govern­ment. Thomas Jefferson warns… “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” In the words of the French philosopher Voltaire, “It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” And that’s so true, especially in an election year, where the innocent victims of PNM’s political assaults pile up like moribund bodies.
My last words and I have saved the best for last, is an affirmation from the best performing, most caring Prime Minister our country has ever had, the Honourable Ka­mla Persad-Bissessar, SC, Leader of the Opposition, in evidence of the flawed conduct of the govern­ment’s Parliamentary session, on Monday, March 28th, 2020. Kamla affirmed, and I quote, “When gov­ernments abuse Parliament, trans­parency and accountability go out the door”.

We are now warned again

This government answers to no one, and that’s approaching totali­tarian rule where the decapitation of our free democracy is in prog­ress. Kamla reassured our nation, that the Opposition will continue to do their elected duty, in and out of Parliament and she urged all citi­zens to join the Opposition in the fight for our democracy and eco­nomic survival. Because the coun­try first is the only way out of the pitiful bankrupt state this govern­ment has created.
Only the collective power of the voices of the people can save us from the hell of a PNM totalitar­ian regime if they are re-elected. The ultimate lifeline to rescue our democratic way of life is the ballot, and it is in the hands of our citi­zenry to cast their vote responsibly, and with patriotic duty to defend our homeland from invaders, lo­cal and foreign. When you exercise your power of the vote, ‘Do So’ in memory of what we are forged from… “forged from the love of lib­erty”. Liberty cannot stay alive un­der the duress of a bullying Rowley regime.
PNM statesman and past Prime Minister Patrick Manning warned us in the past. For the past four years of failures and disasters, we are now warned again. The next election will be the last warning, the last chance, the last call we will have to fire all, all, all of the Rowley PNM regime, their money-grabbing 1%ers and their tyranny of a Maduro-styled rule. We must rise to vote in a kinder, more car­ing, safer, competent, and progres­sive administration that can deliver good performance for all to equally benefit from a better life.
That administration is the Kam­la-led government of 2020… and I am voting for that! My fear is, Maduro already rules in the house (of representatives)!