By STEVE ALVAREZ DPTT Political Leader

Many were alarmed and shocked at the sight of human beings behind bars at the grounds of a church. In the days that fol­lowed, the conversation focused for a while on the way we treat the mentally challenged. After a few days, it was back to busi­ness as usual. We now await the other moment of shock. The possibilities are many.

After very heavy and prolonged rain and wind, the hills can suffer severe landslips and we would once again be shocked. After heavy winds many of our houses can lose their roofs, the cities and towns will be gridlock with traf­fic and many will have no water or electricity. If there is any ma­jor international disruption to our travel similar to that of 9/11 years ago, the population can face star­vation. Heaven forbid a major medical emergency.
The reality is that we live in a Nation where madness or some level of gross indifference to sa­gacious thinking pervades. As the General Election of 2020 ap­proaches, there is a plethora of new parties seeking governance. One is already advertising posi­tions in the many State companies that exists.
One may ask where are the plans to deal with the issues that confront the people of Trinidad and Tobago. What is the long-term financial solution as the Na­tion confronts dwindling supplies in the energy sector? What is the structural reform necessary to deal with disaster management? What are the plans for dealing with the youths, elderly, mentally challenged and less privileged in our society?
Most of our politicians seems to simply want to be Prime Min­ister. They see themselves as the next King or Queen of Trinidad and Tobago dispensing State jobs to supporters without any plan for the development of our Nation. The Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago (DPTT) has, over the last ten years, suggested ways to improve almost every aspect of life in T&T.
We suggested a Disaster Man­agement Plan that ensures the people on the hills are encour­aged to evacuate the hills during a storm; that there is a national structure for announcing an emer­gency on all media; a plan for the evacuation of the towns and cities and well stocked disaster shelters in every community. We outlined a plan for the economy that sees many different sectors of our economy contributing to the move away from a reliance on the energy sector.
That plan involves making T&T more business-friendly and attractive to international inves­tors, a re-energized tourism plan and an agricultural plan with fo­cus on specific crops to ensure food security and export. Our plans for security involved prison reform, a speedy judicial system, plea bargaining, alternatives to crime, structured police patrol and a high-tech approach to col­lecting and presenting evidence in our courts.

Local Government Reform

The DPTT made a proposal for local government reform, public transportation, infrastructure de­velopment and many other sug­gestions aimed at ensuring that all our people prosper, live in a safe environment and are in a position to provide a safe home for their families. It is therefore alarming that in many areas the political conversation is on race, allegations of corruption and the disparaging of the many that of­fer themselves to the service of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
The fact that we are giving a voice, media coverage and atten­tion to the many that seek to di­vide our people, discredit the ef­forts of those willing to serve and offer no solutions to our problems just indicate the level of madness that pervades.