…starring Keith Rowley; Faris Al Rawi; Colm Imbert; and Stuart Young

This upcoming Lo­cal and General Elections could be a case of the lying Gov­ernment ministers who can convince the elec­torate to vote the ruling PNM party rather than the Opposition UNC.

Since the date of the Lo­cal Government Elections was announced the lying competition has started with Dr Rowley, after four years in government, now talking about a US$2 million offer to “hitmen” to assassinate him. But up to today no one has been questioned by the police about the plot.
Rowley who was speak­ing during a PNM political meeting at Piggot’s Corner, Belmont recently revealed that for the first time in his political career over the past 30 years he feared for his life saying that he has been surrounded by people who want to protect him from people who would have him killed.
Many who do not be­lieve that ”cock and bull” story are asking who was the government official that the “hitman” told and how come the police could not find him or the killer to ask them who was going to pay the US$2 (TT$13 million) million for the
Then up comes Na­tional Security Minister Stuart Young who said he has information about se­nior UNC members col­luding with criminals. He said he has the evidence to substantiate everything he has said. But the UNC is calling on him to reveal names but many are saying that is fake news for this
Some political observ­ers are saying voters do not want to hear about any plot about who want to kill which politician but to hear how Rowley plans to deal with the country’s economic problem and the truth bout how they will get out of it.
Then there was Finance Minister Colm Imbert in his 2019/2020 election budget presentation talking about “Stability, Strength and Growth, when in fact the statistics are showing there is going to be no growth in this fiscal year. Lies, lies and more lies.
In his mid-term budget last year Imbert said the economy had turned around and he can see clearly now. The rain has gone. More lies again.
Just last week the IMF said that Trinidad and To­bago will record no growth this year, down from 0.3 per cent from the previous year.
The Guardian newspaper reported in a small column on Page A13 under the headline “T&T still stuck in recession- AmChan CEO.”
AmCham CEO Nirad Tewarie was quoted as say­ing that T&T is suffering its worst economic prob­lems since the l980s and the country must come up with solutions to meet these challenges.
He said this is the worst recession that “we have been in statistically since the l980s. Do we know that? This is not my analy­sis,” he told a health and safety conference.
The political campaign will heat up from this week, with the PNM, the UNC, the COP, the PEP and the MSJ as well as some In­dependents taking to the streets to woo voters to come out and support them in the Local Government Election.
So when the rum posse, of Ramsingh, Balk­ie, Blacks, Dougla and Rasta met during the Di­vali holiday for their usual “lime” over the week-end at Corky’s bar they started talking about the upcoming local election.

Ramsingh: “Barman how was the Divali? Ah see dem Hindus really celebrat­ed light over darkness. But it have so much ah darkness in dis country now dat it eh even have enough light for we to see we way these days.”

Barman: “Ah see Row­ley blank d Divali Nagir dis year. He prefer to go and play golf in Tobago and see bout he sheep farm. Yuh eh see d thousands ah people who went to Divali Nagir dis year. Rowley must be say dem Indians doh vote PNM so whey he going and show he face down dey for. Ah hear he had ah little function down by d Diplo­matic Centre. He invited dem rich Indian friends and dey families who does sup­port d party. Ah see Kamla went down by Sat Divali function.”

Blacks: “Rowley trying to show he face more often in Tobago now since he feel dat Watson Duke party go give d PNM ah run for dey money in next year’s Gen­eral Election.”

Balkie: “Dis election go be only bout lies, and more lies. Ah doh know what to believe as all ah dem ministers and even Kamla lying through dey teeth and making all kinds of promises dat we eh go see maybe for d next five years. All ah hearing from d PNM is about UNC corrup­tion when dey was in gov­ernment. Is nine years now Rowley talking bout how d UNC clean d treasury and he cyar stop.”