Last Sunday Team Sunshine postponed its All Fours for… THE MOTHER OF ALL BIRTHDAY PARTIES


Team Sunshine postponed its normal All Fours com­petition last Sunday and UWI fete had nothing to do with it.
It had all to do with a three in one birthday party for Johnson, Jack and Oscar B whose birthdays are on January 25, 26 and 27 re­spectively. Team Sunshine under a Committee headed by Attorney at Law Newton George organised the Mother of All Birthday Parties at the team’s home at Sunshine Pal­ace Arouca and not even St Mary’s fete (for which no tickets are avail­able since four weeks ago) could have competed with that birthday party.
The other members of the Or­ganising Committee, besides George, were Jah-Lion, Newt, Marlon, Crackator, Shaun, Roger, and Doggie, just to name a few. The party was scheduled to go from 10 am to 10 pm. But this was not to be as top entertainer The Real Oscar B was belting out tune after tune after tune well past mid­night and invitees and friends sim­ply danced the night away.
There was an assortment of dishes which included but were not limited to wild meat of all kinds, stew pork, roast pork, cur­ry duck, curry goat, bbq chicken, lobster and the list goes on and
What made the event even more memorable is the fact that the cooks, all-male, came from as far as Mayaro in the East to as far as Basta Hall in Central Trini­dad and what lovely dishes they
As expected, a nine-table game of All Fours at 61 bullseyes was also played between two teams one led by Maureen Warner and the other led by Jack Warner and as expected Jack’s team lost 56/61. After the All Fours game, however, the real fete began. All in all, it was a wonderful day filled with fun, food and laughter. All Fours com­petition resumes in full from this Sunday
Hereunder are some pictures that can only give a snapshot of a beautiful day.

Kervon’s Exotic Seafood shows off their Mayaro lobster.
Colin Klass from Guyana flew in for the occasion and praises Jack Warner.