The Editor,
Sunshine Today
Dear Sir,

For the countdown to the Lo­cal Government Election last week I followed the meetings of mainly the two major politi­cal parties – the PNM and the UNC. I was disheartened by the verbal attacks on the lead­ers and some members of each political party. While some may have enjoyed the contemptu­ous presentations, the views of many are that they were repeti­tive and boring. It was always: he say, she say, they say and now we say, and what was done about that? Nothing! The same ole nonsense and diatribe and insults were practised in an at­tempt to fool the voters. They may think many are stupid, but they seem to forget that most of us are not voting tribe or race any­more, we are voting for those who are honest and can perform for the common good.
Most of the present and hope­ful councillors seem to fall into the groove of bashing their op­ponents. In fact, one member of a party was so carried away as he tried to explain the amendment of the Dangerous Drugs Act as it relates to the decriminalising of marijuana. One listener in disgust said that the man was suffering with an attack of verbosity, spoke for 10 minutes and in effect said nothing.
My concern and that of many is the fact that we heard nothing about the improvement of the econ­omy, no concrete suggestions to improve the fight against crime nor improvement in the health system and unemployment. No one had spoken on the local, re­gional and global effect of climate change.” Trinidad and Tobago has received approximately TT$7 million from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) of the United Nations for the development of transfor­mational projects to respond to is­sues related to climate change in Trinidad and Tobago”. (We heard anything from the Minister of Planning whenever she chose to speak on the platform).
Almost all the electoral districts have coastal areas and rivers and streams running through them. They either do not know nor do not care to know about the ef­fect of climate change on oir twin island Republic. None had ad­dressed the wanton destruction of the land and marine environment, the effect of soil erosion and ris­ing sea levels. Do they drive by on the road opposite the Manza­nila beach? When was the last time these hopefuls and current Ministers and Opposition mem­bers have seen the effect of rising sea levels on our beaches? What are their proposals to protect the beautiful rain forest of Tobago and the biodiversity in areas in both islands? What are the proposals to protect and encourage the fishing industry and of course the fisher folk, (Gary Aboud’s warnings and those of the Fishermen and Friends of the Sea seem to have fallen on deaf ears and are not even considered).

The San Fernando Fish mar­ket and depot may soon fade into the sunset, with no place to go when Mr Regrello and Mr. Al Wari’s boardwalk is com­pleted. Have they seen the rub­bish and debris flowing in the rivers and streams after heavy rains? For example the Diego Martin river ,the “Dry River” flowing through the City of Port of Spain, the Caroni river, the Point a Pierre river, the Ci­pero river ,the Oropouche river among others that empty into the Gulf of Paria. Has the Minis­ter of Local Government asked the Minister of Planning or the Minister of Finance about the allocation of United Nations GFC funds? One must lament “When will they ever learn?” We should not have to lament in despair “too late too late shall be the cry”.
The Sunshine today is the only local newspaper that raises seri­ous issues and prints letters such as this. We are sick and tired about hearing what we did and who is to blame. Tell us in clear and concise terms what you will do not what you are going to do. This was never done through­out the recently concluded Local Government Election campaign. Promises are always broken. CLR James said words to this effect: “the people complain and when they do the politicians promise them something when the prom­ises are broken, they then prom­ise them something else and so it continues”. I make bold to add; distract the people with half-truths and/or lies.
The articles in the Sunshine should be read by all and noted now and for the future. For pur­poses of space, I must end but not before commending the con­tinuous work of the authors of the articles in the Sunshine Today. I end by quoting from a letter to the Editor of the Sunshine signed by A Pragmatist: “God had bet­ter help us fast. Mr Warner is our only last dying hope-he is the man with the practical capability experience and the vision for get­ting thing done. Failing that only God can help us”. I agree, how­ever God helps those who help themselves. Pragmatist, permit me to add: Mr Warner cannot do it alone, we, and others have to help by getting involved.
The authors of the articles and letters published in the Sunshine Today seem dedicated to a good cause, we must support them. We were once a land of hope and glory but regrettably, that is not so today.

The Patriot