If we take the time to exam­ine the people who political parties offer us as leaders, many of those who grace the hallowed halls of Parliament would have never had their names written on a ballot paper.

After an extremely turbulent week, having been confronted with so many lies, half-truths and innuendos, one of those things that is cause for pause is the real reason for Le Hunte’s resigna­tion as Minister in the PNM gov­ernment, yet remaining as Vice Chairman of the PNM Party. This paradox will be dealt with in our next issue. The question to be asked today is how lying dema­gogues find traction in our soci­ety, a society with such a proud history of democracy.
Have we become so insensi­tive, no longer caring about truth or lies; indifferent in our response to what honesty means and to leaders who now openly present us with blatant lies without any consequences?
The lies and misleading state­ments continue unabated and it is clear that the narratives to which we have been exposed over the past month or so, where a Mem­ber of Parliament has been so open in the fabrication of stories, have no precedent in history.
Who really is the villain of the piece?

The villain

The villain is the Honour­able Stuart Richard Young. Stu­art Young comes from a rich and privileged background and shares an alma mater with many scholars, sportsmen, engineers, doctors, lawyers and priests. St. Mary’s College is one of the most prestigious Catholic institutions of learning in this country and the pride and joy of many.
His father is Richard Young and Stuart is the eldest child of this business magnate whose name has become synonymous with Scotiabank where he built his rep­utation as former managing direc­tor of this august financial insti­tution. As Stuart’s history would reveal, his father sought to give his children a good life, pushing them not only towards academic excellence but also ensuring that they had a well-rounded devel­opment. Stuart is a sports enthu­siast who competed in triathlons, played rugby and cricket at com­petitive levels and holds a black belt in the martial art of Shotokan
He is a graduate of the Univer­sity of Nottingham and the Par­liamentary website locates him as one who has acquired a wealth of experience in civil, commercial, banking, insurance law, industrial relations, public law and constitu­tional law and election petitions having dealt with many complex litigation matters.
Given such a platform upon which he was supposed to build his future, it is difficult to un­derstand how his moral compass seems to have gone awry; how his value system seems to have become so polluted; and how his motivation to protect the sanctity of the Young’s family name may have become compromised.
The goodly gentleman who entered into politics on the 14th March, 2014 as a Temporary Op­position Senator during the 4th Session of the 10th Republican Parliament came in with so much promise at a time when the Peo­ple’s Partnership was being na­tionally maligned, that many saw him as that Great Hope to put the wrongs right and put the country back on even keel. Alas! We were wrong.

Satnarine Sharma

We hanged our hopes on a man who advised former Prime Min­ister Patrick Manning during his attempt to impeach the Chief Jus­tice Satnarine Sharma – an attempt which was nullified by the Privy council but which disgraced Sat Sharma. One could only wonder about what advice young Young gave to Manning. We hanged our hopes on a man who was among the attorneys for ex-UDeCOTT head, Calder Hart. It raises ques­tions about the company he keeps given the questionable manner in which Hart fled this country, and even under Hart’s arch rival and nemesis, Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley. No attempts were ever made to have Hart extradited from the USA to answer allega­tions that Rowley had raised in the Parliament.
We hanged our hopes on a man who was the advocate attorney who stoutly defended Dr. Keith Rowley in emailgate, a fabricated story that was sent before the Par­liamentary Privileges Committee and for which no evidence could be found to arrest and convict anyone on the allegations raised. Young’s track record presents us with questions about who this man is whom we ignored.

He has raised questions about his character

Having astutely listened to him present, for close to an hour, ali­bis for the visit of the Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and the following exposé which uncovered the lies, Stuart Richard Young now leaves us to ponder on his fitness for office and wheth­er we can believe anything he
He has raised questions about his character; he has now pro­voked discourse as to how one raised in what seems to be a per­fect family, where he had need for nothing, could regress to the point of being a pathological liar who shows no remorse for wrongdo­ing.
One is left to ponder whether or not he has recognized that he has lied to the people of Trinidad & Tobago, and even if he has not, whether the Prime Minister has recognized his wrongdoing; and whether the PM is prepared to bring an end to his stewardship even if it is to teach a lesson to our young people that honesty even in the 21st century, remains the best policy.
Stuart Young must understand that he holds a place of power as our Minister of National Security. His influence, not only locally but in international fora, is such that he cannot afford to be second-guessed. When his Permanent Secretary who is guided by his policy cannot be sure when he is speaking the truth or telling a lie, it poses not just a danger, but a crisis to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
This was the same Stuart Young who participated in the Keith Noel Protest March, in October, 2005. This was the same Stuart Young who walked along with Dr. Keith Rowley in the Section 34 protest. This was the same Stuart Young who marched against what he then called “out of control crime”. He is now lying to us try­ing to convince us that things are better now, when for the past two years under his watch we have witnessed more than 500 murders annually. If he were really honest about our country he would have launched a protest against himself or resign.

His friend at the Express

The Society of Gray’s Inn in the United Kingdom must be cringing in regret knowing that his open fabrication has disgraced the integrity of the gentlemen of this order. The private companies where Stuart Young now sits as a Director, if any, should be having second thoughts about the verac­ity of his statements, since he has now positioned himself outside of the boundaries of trust.
He has now identified himself as a part of the post-truth species; that uncanny type of human who has developed the skill to create and spread fiction as though it were the truth. This is the man who is our Minister of National Security.
Social media is abuzz at how a desperate Young reached out to an old friend at the Express to cush­ion the flogging he received from last Sunday’s Express front page Editorial where it stated in bold – STUART YOUNG MUST GO. This is indeed very shameful
For this coming General Elec­tion if we take the time to know Stuart Young, there will be no Stuart Young in our Parliament.
For our children sake, let us be loyal to truth and save our nation.