It is a Paradise no more…SAVE T&T NOW OR PERISH



Stuart Young’s recent resort to the familiar PNM blame game to evade responsibil­ity for his own abject failure to secure the safety and security de­manded of his office by the soci­ety of T&T is typical.

When, however, in the light of ongoing criminal atrocities, he insists that there is obviously no necessity for him to declare an official state of emergency yet, obviously as a result of his own inadequacy, T&T is already in a self imposed State of Emergency (SoE). The tragedy being that in the ongoing absence of his offi­cial declaration the average citizen continues to languish in terror and die at the hands of criminals, de­void of the restraints and protec­tion now so urgently required!
In light, therefore, of events as they continue to unfold daily who can credibly dispute the inescap­able evidence that economically, socially, criminally, politically and psychologically, the paradise which was once T&T has since 7/9/15 been languishing in a PNM imposed, yet undeclared, state of emergency? Furthermore, given the quality – or absence thereof – which has permeated the corridors of political power since the afore­mentioned date, there is unlikely to be any credible prospect of change in any of the aforementioned prior to the General Election of 2020. In the prevailing circumstances, therefore, the only safe prediction post 2020 will be a further descent into complete social anarchy, vio­lence and destruction should those social elements with an obvious death wish succeed in returning the Rowley PNM to power – as­suming of course that the T&T which we knew and still love can survive until Rowley decides to summon the electorate!

T&T needs a multi-racial political dispensation

It is now inescapably obvious that national salvation will as a result be possible under neither an Afrocentric PNM nor an Indocen­tric UNC – despite the high profile evidence in both parties of each other’s races. Clearly, therefore, if T&T is ever to regain and enjoy the peace and prosperity which so many once took for granted, even while it was being destroyed by Eric Williams’ politics of race, it will do so only via the inspired example and leadership of a truly multi-racial political dispensation. Note the term multi-racial cannot in this context exclude any minor­ity with a valid contribution to na­tional improvement – be they de­scendants of slave masters, slaves or the indentured – so long as they are valid citizens of our twin is­land state.
Needless to state, in the absence of an independently affluent, ef­fective, caring. compassionate and non racial leader the most effec­tive political dispensation – how­ever.resolute or fearless – will be foredoomed to failure. Further­more, the said leader, in addition to fearless pursuit of the national interest, must via personal ex­perience be able to interact as an equal with President, Prince or
I know of but one such individu­al uniquely capable of astutely and compassionately fulfilling all of the above requirements – Do you?