While many peo­ple know that there are obeah men and women in the country to whom they turn to help them with their problems, including broken marriages, financ­es, getting a job, putting down “wuk” on a magis­trate or judge to free an accused, politicians to win an election, they did not realise that in the PNM party there is a female MP who is ah obeah woman and is capable of doing any or all of those things.

There was a popular obe­ah woman name “Madam Cornhusk” down in the deep south where politi­cians, business people, and others used to go to seek help to attain success but it appears that Camille has taken over from her.
Many political observers did not know that Planning Minister Camille Robin­son-Regis knows about witchcraft and was giving supporters the recipe as to how to keep away the “evil” UNC from their doors for the December General 2 Local Government Election (LGE).
Speaking to PNM sup­porters at the La Horquetta Regional Complex two weeks before the election, Camille called on them to recite St Michael’s prayer against the UNC.
She advised them to “get out your PNM cocoyea broom, sprinkle some salt and wash down the place with holy water and recite St Michael’s prayer.
She then led the party faithful in prayer saying “cover your house, cov­er TT from the evil and wicket spirit that wanders in the East-West corridor and T&T. We know what they the (UNC) is capable of”.
When people talk about obeah, there are reports that before the 2015 General Election Dr Keith Rowley had visited Le Couteaux to see the village obeah man for help to remove Kamla Persad-Bissessar from gov­ernment.
It is also alleged that the obeah man also had earlier performed some witchcraft to remove Patrick Manning as Political Leader of the PNM after he had lost the 2010 General Election so that Rowley can become the PNM’s next Political Leader.
Some people believe that Rowley’s obeah may have caused Manning to suffer a stroke.
There are also reports that during the Divali cel­ebration while Rowley was in Tobago, he paid a visit to a pastor to pray for him to win the December 2 LGE and keep away any evil spirit that may be following him and to keep him safe.
People are saying that those are the depths to which the PNM would go to obtain power.
This was one of several discussions that Ramsingh, Balkie, Dougla, Blacks and Rasta were involved in when they went for their usual “lime” at Corky’s bar last weekend.

Ramsingh: “Barman if yuh neighbour giving yuh trouble dat PNM ‘owman call Camille could put down some wuk to keep dem qui­et, yuh know. Ah hear she was telling PNM support­ers how to run d UNC from near dey house. Yuh think she really know how to practise obeah or she hear what dem obeah man does do. Ah feel she went by an obeah man already to fix she business. Yuh remember some years ago she was try­ing to get pregnant and she couldn’t.”

Dougla: “As yuh talk bout obeah, ah remember ah pardner tell meh how ah neighbour was giving dem plenty trouble, cussing and throwing words for meh wife. She tell she all ah dis shi..t go gone and she go­ing up d Mount (St Bene­dict) for she. Meh wife say she going an put ah light on dem. Yuh know ah few days later d neighbbour fall down and break she hand coming down she step and she really believe d neigh­bour do she bad. Meh pard­ner say he wife didn’t go no way he just tell she so and she believe she really went and put ah light (candle) on she head.”

Blacks: “Yuh know it re­ally have people who does go up d Mount and light candle on d head of people who giving dem trouble. But ah doh feel dem thing does wuk. Dem priest up in d Mount doh do people bad. Ah know dey does pray for yuh.”

Balkie: “Ah know tan­tie Kamla does go by she pundit to pray for she. All ah dem politicians have ah obeah man, pundit or Bap­tist man to get help but dat is not really obeah.”

Ramsingh: “Ah hear people does use ah black fowl, red and white flow­ers, get ah crapaud and sew d mouth and say dat is obeah. Dey say d obeah man does write d name of whoever giving yuh trouble or yuh want dead and put it in front yuh house.”

Rasta: “Like all yuh know bout obeah, but if yuh have ah strong will­power and believe in God, no obeah go take yuh, nah. Ah want to talk bout d gan­ja legislation which d AG say he go pass soon. Dat is only ole talk because he done say d legislation eh go pass soon. He say so be­fore the election because he want dem youth men and weed smokers to vote for d PNM.”

Barman: “D AG say dat yuh can have 30 grams dat is ah ounce. So when d police see dem young men smoking on d block and dey get weed on dem, dey go have to walk with ah scale. And if dey carry dem down to d police station and find dat d weed is under 30 grams dey go have to let dem go. Dey could sue dem police for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. Yuh eh see d police hold ah man with something look­ing like cocaine in a bag in ah man house. D man tell dem dat is flour and dey still charge him. Yuh when d case come up in d Chaguanas court about two weeks ago d prosecutor tell d magistrate dat d cocaine was tested by d forensic lab and it was flour and d man was freed.”

Rasta: “Yuh know how much joint yuh could get in 30 grams (one ounce). D AG say if yuh have more than 30 grams or 60 grams d police go give yuh ah ticket and if yuh do pay is ah $50,000 fine yuh go have to do community wuk. Ah eh go pay no fine ah go prefer to go and do community wuk, like paint ah school or clean around some government office. Dat piece of law is bad. But doh worry dat eh com­ing soon, maybe by d next
general election.”

Dougla: “Allyuh didn’t see d Express front page article headline last week ‘Free to Smoke’. Ah have ah neighbour son who does smoke real marijuana. Yuh know d youth man come out on d road smoking ah joint and he saying loud d Express say we free to smoke. Dat was d front page of the Express. If d po­lice had hold meh ah would ah show him the Express front page or d magistrate”.

Until next week.