As a proud citizen of Trini­dad & Tobago living in Barbados for a number of years, I feel embarrassed and humiliated that the Government of Trinidad & Tobago made a decision to reject its citizens from returning from travel.
I am not interested in discuss­ing whether these senior citizens, ages 60 and up, were right or wrong to travel.
My concern is that I am living in Barbados and I can see how ugly we look as a people, how stupid our Government appears and how dotish they sound on the air talking about “our borders are closed and the answer is NO.”
These are different days and political posturing needs to be a bit more sophisticated.
We have the Attorney Gen­eral of Barbados on the news having to explain to Barbadi­ans, concerned Barbadians, why these Trinis are in their country bringing in germs and potential
Whatever the reasons they travelled, that is a different topic.
We need to do better, we need to get our citizens out of Barba­dos and back home, similar to what we are doing with the UWI students.
It is very very ugly and I post­ed this on the Express thread on Facebook and I just said you know I feel so embarrassed and I was shocked at the anger and hate coming out of Trinidadians and Tobagonians, who have nothing but negative things to say about these people and about how dotish I am to feel embarrassed and you know it’s so embarrassing to see that a country could be indepen­dent for so many years and create such intellectual bankrupts.
They don’t even understand the effect of what they are doing and all in aid of political postur­ing and to make themselves look important to supposed voters who, to me, shouldn’t have the right to vote because they have no basic common sense.”

An Angry Barbadian Trini