So, is it a crisis yet?

Have the killings in­creased to the point where we can describe what is taking place in our country as cata­strophic or is it that Minister of National Security Stuart Young believes that we have not crossed that threshold as yet?
How much is too much Mr. Minister and how many more must die before we view the kill­ings of 2020 as calamitous?
Is this killing thing being viewed from a purely racial per­spective and is it that because they are black boys and girls whose lives do not really seem to mat­ter for this Government that the murders which have plagued us this year are not being perceived as a crisis.
At the time of the writing of this article seventy-five people have been murdered. Sixteen have been killed by the police. Scores of citizens are now victims of the trauma of gunshot wounds. Do we have a crisis Mr. Minister?
Only recently you made a pro­nouncement after calls to the Government were made by dif­ferent sectors of the national com­munity for a State of Emergency to be declared and in defence of the Government, you declared that we did not have a crisis in our country.
If after 46 days in 2020, 75 citi­zens have been murdered; close to two murders a day Mr. Minister, doesn’t that suggest that we have a crisis in our land and that every­thing possible should be done to abort this trending killing in our land?
The reason why we as citizens are so concerned is because amid the slaughter there is not a single statement by those in charge to tell us how the Government proposes to advance past this dilemma.
The Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, who is also the Chairman of the National Security Coun­cil has remained silent. You, the spokesperson for your Ministry have demonstrated a lack of care for law abiding citizens and the laissez-faire approach to the treat­ment of crime alone is a crisis of immense proportions.

Innocent people are getting slain

The Government can no lon­ger adopt the approach to let the gangsters wipe out themselves or let the bad boys slaughter each other because the phenomenon of drive-by shootings has entered our social domain and in case you do not know, innocent people are getting slain and the collateral damage numbers before us are far too high.
I have questioned your com­mitment before Stuart and I dare challenge your desire to reduce the crime rate of this country be­cause as a nation we are yet to see from you or your Ministry the kind of strategic thinking that would create a push back to the commissioning of crime.
You have left our borders wide open and for many of us that is a serious crisis. For leaders in the global village that would be a crisis. Open borders Mr. Stuart Young has been one of the rea­sons why Brexit was considered and why President Donald Trump proposed to build a wall to divide the USA and Mexico because countries see the importance of reducing external threats to their nation state.
So, our borders are open and you have done nothing visible to close them and make us safe again.
We have a large number of un­documented aliens in our coun­try Stuart Young. Many of them are involved in illegal activities. Many of them are generating rev­enue, competing with locals but paying no taxes. Many of them are involved in transnational crime in our country and not a single new unit in immigration has been in­stalled about which we know to actively and aggressively pursue these undesirables. And one can only fathom that it is because their actions clearly do not appear to you to be a threat and become a crisis for our people.

The Commissioner of Police is correct

What will you now do Stuart Young, what will you say?
Early in your tenure you spoke of introducing mobile jammers to reduce the illegal and un­monitored communication be­tween prisoners both on remand and convicted with the outside world.
You argued that gang leaders when arrested used this medium to control their subjects from be­hind bars. Yet you speak of these same people calling you from behind bars and of course you wonder how they got your num­ber and from whom when the real crisis is how are calls still coming out from behind bars when jam­mers were supposed to prevent this. Minister there is a crisis!
Talking about these anomalies only project you as one who is well aware of the dangers we all face but is prepared to do nothing about it because the threat has not reached on your doorstep as yet.
While I cannot confirm the content of the conver­sation you had with the caller from behind bars, do you know that shots are called, citizens are extort­ed among other evil acts of which you are well aware and it seems that not until a Young or one close to Young dies will Stuart see the crisis in which we live.
The Commissioner of Police is correct and I con­cur that the police may in­deed be doing all it can to reduce the murder rate in our country.
One cannot argue with the pronouncement of the Commissioner of Police that attempts to modernize the Police Service have taken place. New units to make the service more ef­ficient have been installed and the police are getting better results in other areas except in the reduction of murder.

This is what the Gov’t is supposed to

What should be of con­cern to you Stuart is the how could the Government cultivate a national environment, community by community, village by village that would create a threat to any­one seeking to murder another. This is what the Government is supposed to do.
Not have its Minister hugging airtime, stealing valuable print with rhetoric that does absolutely nothing to reduce the fear factor that has gripped us as a people and has us all living in jail in a country where we are supposed to be free.
You know Stuart, a State of Emergency will allow Govern­ment to press the reset button.
The rate at which we are going, it seems as though the criminals want to gift you with another 500 deaths for a third running year and it seems as though they want to deliver it before General Eelec­tion date.
You yourself claimed that these murders, some of them are politi­cally driven. Now if that is true Stuart Young, isn’t this coun­try facing a serious crisis which needs to be addressed?
When our Minister of National Security could go public and ex­pose a so-called alliance between criminals, gang members and pol­iticians Stuart, isn’t that a signal of social decay which needs to be interrupted? And isn’t that a crisis we need to abort?
And when nothing is done two weeks after our Minister of Na­tional Security makes such a bold statement doesn’t the lack of ac­tion on the part of law enforce­ment demonstrate that we are in deeper crisis than we believe?
My belief is that because citi­zens of a different hue, race and class are not been slaughtered in the same manner as others that a crisis is not seen by the Govern­ment.
However, the Government needs to appreciate that the peo­ple who die like dogs have fami­lies that vote and failure to abort the murder rate, if only tempo­rarily, will have its implications that will not augur well for the
Meanwhile the public wants to know how many more will have to die before Stuart Young realis­es the crisis in which we are all living.