It would seem that gun-toting criminals are not letting up with their attacks, killing so far 492 people (up to press time) as the murder figure is set to cross the 500-mark before the end of the year.

As PM Dr Keith Row­ley would say, “we go beat dem in the East, we go beat dem in the West, we go beat dem in the North and in the South”, so gunmen are kill­ing people in the East, West, North and South on a near daily basis.
Many people are saying that Dr Rowley said dur­ing the campaign for the 2015 General Election that a PNM government plans to tackle T&T’s main problem – crime. It will start with the Police Service and will also focus on reducing violent crime as well as white collar crime.
He said the first area a new government would have to respond to is crime and security, an issue which all PNM polls have found the majority of citizens are concerned about.
But since 2015 after the PNM came into office close to 2000 persons have been murdered.
In 2018 a total of 517 people were murdered out of which 430 cases re­mained unsolved, the police reported.
Last year ended with 517 murders-making it the sec­ond deadliest year in the history of T&T, according to the Police Service statis­tics. The year 2008 recorded the highest murder with 550 homicides being committed.
In August 2018 Rowley revoked the appointment of Major General (retired) Ed­mund Dillon and replaced him with Stuart Young – a case of moving “Fred to re­place Alfred”.
Young said there were in­creases in murders this year in nearly all the Police Divi­sions.
He admitted that the mur­der rates are at the risk of running away and what d country is facing today “is extremely frightening” He said the country is like a war zone.
People are saying despite Attorney General Faris –al-Rawi passing draconian anti-crime laws, criminals continue to impose a reign of terror on citizens because the mere passing of anti-crime laws, however draco­nian, cannot stop crime.
Just last week an off-duty Police Sergeant, Roger Wil­liams, 50, and a mother of three, Natoya Christian, a hairdresser, who was cel­ebrating her birthday with some friends were gunned down at a mall on Charlotte Street, Port of Spain, which area is now known as Chi­natown.
Over the last week-end eight people were killed in various parts of the country.
The runaway crime prob­lem and last week Local Government Elections were the talk around the country and the man in the street.

Ramsingh, Balkie, Doug­la and Rasta met at their usual liming spot last week to have a few drinks and dis­cuss the issues in the coun­try after d local election.

Barman: “Ramsingh, ah see yuh finger red, like yuh went an vote. Dis local gov­ernment election campaign was like ah general election but yuh know ah didn’t hear Rowley or Young talking on d political platform about d killings all over d country. Even police getting mur­dered now. Dat is how far criminals going.”

Ramsingh: “Well we couldn’t come before be­cause all rum shop does close until after voting done. But ah didn’t care who win, whether PNM or UNC be­cause UNC in opposition and dey cyar do nothing for we. But ah say ah go still give d UNC meh vote, win lose or draw.”

Balkie: “Yuh could imag­ine what d campaign go be like for d general election next year. D PNM spent real money and come next year dey go spend twice dat amount. Kamla say d UNC didn’t have money to cam­paign like d PNM. Like dem UNC financiers blank dem.”

Barman: “All dem things Rowley promise ah want to see now what he say go come to pass. Politicians are very promising people. Dey does make promise af­ter promise to get people to vote for dey party. Ah want to see all dem places whey Rowley was walking during d local election campaign and shaking hands if dem people go see him again, maybe until next year.”

Dougla: “Ah hear Row­ley went down to d deep south to talk to voters for d election and he asked dem villagers want dey want. One owman tell him dey have two problems, one is dey have pipes but no wa­ter. Rowley tell d owman to leave it up to him. He took out his cellphone and called d Hunt minister of WASA and he said he speak to him. He tell d lady water go flow d next day. Rowley asked d owman what was d other problem and she say there is no cellphone reception any­where in d village. She say like yuh have ah wireless phone. D owman say yuh is d only man to make ah call and get through.”

Rasta: “Dat is to show yuh how dem politicians does lie. D owman ketch him because Rowley thought people all over d country could make cellphone calls”.

Ramsingh: “Yuh know ah didn’t hear Rowley say how he go fix dis crime problem and like he hide Young be­cause ah didn’t see Young in d last two weeks of d cam­paign. Dey killing pension­ers, children, owman and even police. Ah hear dey say is over 34 owman who was murdered dis year. Ah not coming out fuh d Christ­mas, nah. Ah ent want no­body coming to parang by me, nah, because dey maybe killers or bandits.”

Dougla: “Ah see Gary get in some hot water with d Express. Al-Rawi should tell him he getting in d wrong fight with d media because it was d media who make Bur­roughs popular and then dey break him. D media is pow­erful, dey could make yuh and break yuh, yes. I think he should go like dem other commissioners who never get ah in a war with d media. Ah feel Gary thin skin.”

Until next week.