……no meet and greet for the Balisier posse


Last Saturday proved to be a disaster for the PNM who had descended upon Greenvale bearing gifts of sudden attention, newly found concern and consideration but it all fell flat as the Greenvale residents saw through the cheap politicking and refused to be in­fluenced by it.

There was a long list of PNM jefes in attendance headed by Ministers Nyan Gadsby-Dolly and Kazim Hosein and PNM General Secretary Foster Cum­mings. Notably absent was the PNM MP for the area Maxie Cuffie. A large body of PNM members from the East/West cor­ridor thronged the La Horquetta/Talparo office on Tumpuna Road and among them was the Mayor of Arima Lisa Morris Julien and the new Chairman of the Tunapu­na/Piarco Regional Corporation Kewsi Robinson. The reception the PNM received in Greenvale was shockingly but not surpris­ingly very poor as residents re­fused to leave their homes to meet and greet the PNM bus-in crowd. Prior to Saturday, the Greenvale residents were informed that Sat­urday’s walk-through in Green­vale was part of a clean-up drive by the government and that they can put all their white waste gar­bage out for collection. But while some garbage was collected in the Phase Three section of Greenvale – a PNM stronghold – up to Sun­day morning none was collected in Phases One and Two and this further incensed the Greenvale residents.
Residents could have been heard loudly complaining about PNM discrimination and many referred to the disparity in the grants which had been given to them over the 2018 floods. Some received $15,000; others received $20,000 and still, others received $25,000 with no criteria to de­termine the disparity. Some resi­dents had their homes repaired; others had their homes partially repaired and still, others have had no repairs up to today. One angry resident who preferred to remain anonymous told this newspaper that “the people of Greenvale will vote with a vengeance against the PNM government for selling us houses in a flood-prone area. We are still considering taking them to court for this injustice.” Another resident complained that “the people of Greenvale are the people the PNM forgot, but come General Elections later this year we will not forget them.” Green­vale is a community of over one thousand persons.
Later Saturday evening on TV 6 news no one from the Green­vale community was interviewed by the media since the community had blanked the entire exercise and several community leaders in Greenvale stated that they will be calling a community meeting in the next few days to decide on their next steps but they are ask­ing the PNM to simply leave them alone!