To assist their 1% friends and PNM families

Maybe few will succeed in reaching the final stages and actually re­ceive money while many will be magically approved with scant information. The usual scam to give favored people these “gifts” but 1% already getting checks delivered! What a shameful and biased government! ME­DIA, can you help the poor and salaried workers now broke and not even able to buy a $10 meal (2 doubles and a chubby) be­cause the 1% controls who sells food. It takes a government that plumbs the deepest and lowest levels of cruelty and discrimina­tion to do this.

Ian Narine

Can someone help me to under­stand this? You are not employed or not working because your place of work is closed. You are seek­ing relief and so have to provide copies of documents at a time when places that do copying and printing are mandated to close be­cause they are non-essential. Then you also have to scan and email – which requires more than likely the possession of a flash drive.
So the expectation is that the people who will apply for this have a computer, printer and document scanner in their homes? Plus they need the support of their place of employment which is also closed at this time.
How does this process relieve an immediate cash flow chal­lenge? Who is being targeted for
What am I missing? This is a question more than anything else because I can’t figure out the ap­proach.